Android RD Client only Media Access possible

Android RD Client only Media Access possible



 Mar 08 2022
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Hi, I'm using the Android client Microsoft RD Client Version
The share local storage option just allows to share media files. There is no option to allow all files access.
Operating system is Android 12 with Samsung One UI Version 4.0.

Hi @Kahzel ,

Thank you for the feedback. What do you mean exactly by viewing 'media files' vs 'all files access.'? You should be able to see everything in home file. Currently we support file redirection, it will be helpful to understand what other files you want to redirect

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Hi @js351 

I think the best way to show this is when I show you screenshots.


So Microsoft RD client has media storage rights:

Screenshot_20220309-083702_Permission controller.jpg

There's no possibility to change it to “management of all files“ like for example my app ColorNote:

Screenshot_20220309-083738_Permission controller.jpg

The difference is, that you can just access media files like pictures, audio and video.

This is a screenshot of a folder on my phone:

Screenshot_20220309-084011_My Files.jpg

The same folder on remote desktop share:

Screenshot_20220309-093606_Microsoft Remote Desktop.jpg

As you can see, just the .jpg files are shown, but the PDF files are hidden because Microsoft RD client doesn't have the right to see and manage all files.

I hope I could clarify your questions and I hope that someone from the Microsoft tech team could have a look at it.

It shouldn't be that hard to change “media files“ permission to “management of all files“.


Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi is there an update on this topic? 

An info about that the problem has been reproduced and a fix is in the pipeline is also totally ok, as I know there's always too much to do and no time.

Status changed to: Planned

Hi @Kahzel ,

Thank you for feedback, in response I have synced with developers on this issue and the item 'Prompt storage permission to redirect 'allow management of all files' instead of 'allow access to media only' has been added to our backlog! At the moment, there is no ETA on when this feature would arrive in beta, but we will update the community if it does!