Introducing Azure CLI v2.9 with improved performance and user experience
Published Jul 14 2020 04:30 PM 6,038 Views

In the past few months, the CLI team has been working diligently to improve the in-tool user experience (UX) for you. We listened to your feedback and designed the features so that they could be useful and applicable the moment you start interacting with the tool.


In the following article, we will share with you our latest updates on performance improvement on command execution and configurable output with the “only-show-errors” tag.


Significant performance improvements on client-side command execution

One top frustration we’ve been hearing from both our new and experienced CLI users is that the speed of command execution could use some improvement. Our team recognized this challenge and immediately followed up with optimizations. And the result was phenomenal! Every client-side command is now 74% faster.


performance pic.png

Figure 1: Comparison of the performance of client side command execution, before vs. after



Interruption free automation with "--only-show-errors" flag:

For those of you who’d been frustrated with Azure CLI’s warning messages endlessly interrupting your ongoing scripts, we’re delighted to share with you a simple resolution! Our team recently released the “--only-show-errors” flag which enables you to disable all non-error output (i.e warnings, info, debug messages) in the stderr stream.  This has been highly requested by our DevOps and Architect fans and we hope you can take advantage of this as well. We support the feature on both the per command basis and also via direct updates in the global configuration file. This way you could easily leverage the feature either interactively, or for scripting/automation purposes


To enable it, simply append --only-show-errors to the end of any az command. For instance:


az timeseriesinsights environment list --only-show-errors


Below is an example of before vs. after of enabling the flag. We can see that the experimental message has been suppressed:


onlyshowerror pic.png


Fun fact: our team has actually considered the verbiage around --no-warnings” and --quiet” but eventually settled on --only-show-errors” given its syntactical intuitiveness.




Call to action:

Similar to last time, some of these improvements are early in the preview or experimental stage but we certainly do look forward to improving them to serve you better. If you’re interested,  here is where you can learn more.


We’d love for you to try out these new experiences and share us your feedback on their usability and applicability for your day-to-day use cases. Also please don’t hesitate to share us any ideas and feature requests on how to improve your overall in tool experience!


Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs and subscribe to it ! See you soon



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