Save money and accelerate end-to-end analytics with NEW Azure Synapse Analytics pre-purchase plans
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Azure Synapse Analytics pre-purchase plans are now generally available!


Unlock insights with limitless analytics in a unified workspace

Data teams can save time and reduce risk with Azure Synapse, a limitless analytics service that brings together data sources, data tasks, and data people in a single, secure workspace. Azure Synapse makes it possible to ingest, explore, prepare, monitor, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning needs in a single environment. This provides the freedom to manage data and drive insights on your own terms, using either serverless or dedicated resources to operate efficiently at any scale. 


Now save up to 28 percent on your Azure Synapse workloads

Starting today, Azure Synapse pre-purchase plans are generally available across all global regions except China. A pre-purchase plan makes it possible to pre-pay for a bundle of Azure Synapse commit units (SCUs), to be applied over the following one-year term to usage of all generally available Azure Synapse services except data storage. Customers that use this pricing option can save up to 28 percent compared to pay-as-you-go pricing.


This plan differs from the reserved capacity pricing option in that SCUs can be used at any time and can apply to any Synapse workload during the one-year plan term. This includes data integration and ETL pipelines using code-free data flows, big data and machine learning with Apache Spark, data lake exploration using serverless SQL, and data warehousing with our industry-leading SQL engine.


Simplify end-to-end analytics deployment across your organization

With an Azure Synapse pre-purchase plan, you can accelerate deployment timelines by leveraging a single consumption model to power all the necessary tasks for each of your data projects. Your pre-purchase plan applies to all core analytics workloads, allowing your data teams to operate holistically rather than focusing on forecasting each line item within the larger analytics solution (ETL, data lake exploration, big data processing with Spark, etc.). Instead, you can pre-purchase Synapse commit units at a discount, then flexibly use your SCUs across data workloads to meet a range of business demands over time.


Get started today

To start a pre-purchase plan, you can go to the Azure portal and finish the process in minutes. For more information on discount tiers, please visit Reservations in the Azure portal and select Azure Synapse Analytics pre-purchase plan. For step-by-step guidance on how to transact a pre-purchase plan, see our documentation.



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