Token-based authentication support for Azure SQL DB using Azure AD auth
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First published on MSDN on Feb 09, 2016
SQL Server security team would like to announce token based authentication support for Azure SQL DB V12 authentication using Azure Active Directory (AD). Currently we support two authentication methods: Azure AD user/password and Azure AD integrated authentication supporting Windows credentials ( see ). The new token-based authentication method allows middle-tier services to obtain a token from Azure AD and use it to connect to Azure SQL Database. It enables more sophisticated scenarios, including certificate-based authentication. For more details, see below the attached Readme document and the zip file that contains a simple code example connecting to Azure SQL DB using token based authentication. It requires Visual Studio 2015 with .NET 4.6 (or higher) and ADALSQL.dll (see also the client setup requirement in the main MSDN document for Azure AD authentication indicted above). For further questions on this topic please contact alias.
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