Azure Service Fabric AZ Spanning with single VMSS and support for Stateless Node types in Preview
Published Dec 15 2020 06:00 PM 2,910 Views

Today we are excited to announce the public preview of two new highly desired features, Availability Zone spanning using a single VMSS, and stateless node types!


Availability Zone spanning using a single VMSS

We are simplifying the deployment of Service Fabric clusters which span availability zones by enabling you to create a zone spanning cluster using a single VMSS. Previously it was required that you deploy three independent scale sets with each one pinned to a single zone. It is now possible to create the same cluster topology using a single VMSS greatly simplifying the deployment and management of these clusters.


Use it today!

To try out availability zone spanning using a single VMSS, see the documentation and sample templates.


Stateless Node Types

Stateless node types are a new property which will only place stateless services on the specific node type. This enables several benefits for stateless workloads:

  • Faster scale out operations.
  • Support for scale sets with greater than 100 nodes. (Support for >100 nodes in a scale sets to simplify meeting demand)
  • Support for VMSS Automatic OS upgrades on bronze durability to further simplify OS patching.


Use it today!

To try out stateless node types, see the documentation and sample templates.


Use it, and tell us about it

As with other previews, the public preview features should not be used for production workloads until they reach general availability.


We look forward to hearing your feedback on these new capabilities. Please provide feedback via GitHub here with any features or issues you encounter.


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