Azure Service Fabric 7.2 Second Refresh Release
Published Nov 10 2020 04:35 PM 7,458 Views

The Azure Service Fabric 7.2 second refresh release includes stability fixes for standalone, and Azure environments and has started rolling out to the various Azure regions. The updates for .NET SDK, Java SDK and Service Fabric Runtime will be available through Web Platform Installer, NuGet packages and Maven repositories in 7-10 days within all regions. This update is now rolling out for Windows. SDK and Standalone packages will become available later this week.

  • Service Fabric Runtime
    • Windows – 7.2.432.9590
    • Ubuntu 16 - 7.2.431.1 
    • Ubuntu 18 - 7.2.431.1804
    • Service Fabric for Windows Server Service Fabric Standalone Installer Package - 7.2.432.9590
  • .NET SDK
    • Windows .NET SDK -  NA
    • Microsoft.ServiceFabric -  7.2.432 
    • Reliable Services and Reliable Actors -  4.2.432
    • ASP.NET Core Service Fabric integration -  4.2.432
  • Java SDK –  1.0.6

Key Announcements

  • This release fixes stability issues introduced to FabricDNS in the 7.2 release. For more details, please read the release notes.  
  • We are also making two releases available as manual upgrade only at this time.  See Additional Announcements below for more details. 


Additional Announcements 

  • 7.2.433.9590  - 7.2 CU3 for Windows will be available through manual upgrades only. This release includes an additional fix for a memory leak in very specific scenarios when using remoting V2 and creating and destroying services dynamically. 
  • 7.1.503.9590 - 7.1 CU8 for Windows will be available through manual upgrades only. This release includes a fix for an assert that happens because an error code was not read/checked.
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