Smart Detection for metrics from Apps deployed on On-premise servers

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(I first posted it in Azure AI group - wrong place. So, posting it here again)

I would like to:

1) install the App Insights SDK for my .NET, .NETCORE and browser apps,

2) configure the iKey of the new Resource created for my Apps on the Azure Portal

3) rebuild and restart after my apps,

As by default my apps start sending the metrics to the Azure Monitor App Insights, will Smart Detection be automatically enabled and start sending alerts in case of any anomalies? The information is that I don't have any specific Subscriptions. It's my apps on Servers on-premise and Azure Monitor alone on the cloud.

let me know if this environment is sufficient or if  need to setup any more things in between.

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@BhogaRao Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, once your app data is ingested to the Application Insights workspace, Smart Detection will start to work, no additional action is mandatory for your side.

Regarding notifications, by default new detections are sent by email to users assigned as Monitoring Reader and Monitoring Contributor for your subscription (the same subscription under which the Application Insights resource itself is defined). As an option, you can change or add email destinations for these notifications using Smart Detection settings in the portal. You can find more details here .

Please note that Smart Detectors marked as 'preview' do not send out email notifications, you can view detections for these detectors using the portal.