Possible to prevent creation of new Log Analytics workspaces?


Is it possible to prevent the creation of new Log Analytics workspaces and instead force the user to choose an existing log analytics workspace?



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@Jeff Walzer Depending on how restrictive you want to be, you can put a lock on the resource group that will disallow any new resources to be created, but that only works in that resource group.


You could create a policy that prevents LA workspaces from being created and assign that to the subscription.

@Gary Bushey 


Thx for the reply and information. I will pursue setting a policy at the subscription level. We're trying to centralize any and all logging to a single LA workspace.


On a separate note, is there a way to see what Azure roles (and the users within those roles) have access to creating a LA workspace? Trying to see who has right to create a LA workspace and having issues finding that info in Azure.