Cross Workspace queries


Been trying to do a cross workspace query on Perf data but it does not look at my other workspaces. When doing a query on Heartbeat it works.


This is my Perf query (minus ID's)

union isfuzzy=true workspace("workspaceID").Perf, workspace("workspaceID").Perf, workspace("workspaceID").Perf
| where TimeGenerated > ago(10m)
| where ObjectName == "Processor" and CounterName == "% Processor Time" and InstanceName == "_Total" and Computer in ((Heartbeat
| where OSType == "Windows"
| distinct Computer))
| summarize PCT95CPUPercentTime = percentile(CounterValue, 95) by Computer
| where PCT95CPUPercentTime > 90
| order by PCT95CPUPercentTime desc
I know soon I will be able to use the built-in Azure monitor to do this, but it's not live in my region yet.
Any help would be awesome.
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I have tried your query and it works fine. What is the exact problem you are trying to solve? Note that it is rare to have CPU that is more than 90% in the 95th percentile (I had to lower it to make sure it works correctly).



Meir :>


Thanks for the reply. When I am running it in my environment I only get data back from one workspace.

I am thinking perhaps the issue I am having is due to the workspaces being in different subscriptions. (They are under same tenant and I have the correct permissions).

We have some processing machines that hit over 90% a lot. When doing my testing I also lower that number or comment out the line.

Hope that clears up what I am seeing.