Monitor your hybrid network with Network insights
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Customers monitoring their networks must scramble across dashboards and resources to find monitoring data leading to frustrations and troubleshooting delays.


Presenting Network insights - a centralized console for network monitoring and troubleshooting. Customers get an agentless health monitoring experience and access to resource topologies along with key resource metrics – all with zero configuration. 


Network insights drilldownNetwork insights drilldown



Unified network monitoring and troubleshooting console

  • Single console to access all network monitoring and troubleshooting experiences
  • Unified health & alerts view across all networking resources. The one place to start your monitoring & troubleshooting journey
  • Integrated with NSG Flow Logs, Traffic Analytics and Connection Monitor - showing traffic and connectivity monitoring information in one place

Resource-specific troubleshooting

  • 1-click access to resource-specific metrics, functional views, diagnostics and documentation
  • Visually identify resource components using the topology to easily detect, diagnose and fix issues
  • Analyze issues and find root causes from resource metrics without writing queries or authoring workbooks

Integrated & ready from Day 1

  • No agent installation or configuration required
  • Available in all clouds – public and air-gapped
  • Harmonized with the overall Azure Monitor experience to provide easier debugging across compute, storage and networking

Network insights also surfaces information from configuration-based monitoring tools as shown below.


Connectivity Monitoring Connectivity tabConnectivity tab

In the Connectivity tab, customers get an aggregated view of all the connectivity tests they have setup in Connection Monitor along with any test-related alerts. Customers can filter out tests based on source type, destination type, connectivity status and round trip time. The test drilldown allows customers to view test details including exact source and destination names, protocol used, RTT history and more. Customer can clickthrough to the tests they are interested in investigating further.


Traffic Monitoring

Traffic tabTraffic tab

The Traffic tab allows customers to understand their traffic monitoring coverage in a single glance and review any alerts from Traffic Analytics. Customers can view NSGs grouped by regions and filter them based on the enablement status of NSG Flow Logs and Traffic Analytics. Using the drilldown customers can click through to individual NSGs and modify their traffic monitoring coverage as needed.


You're invited to comment and share your thoughts on Network Insights and what you'd like to see coming next. 


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