Log Analytics workspace overview status property is live.
Published Jun 10 2021 02:23 AM 2,878 Views

We are releasing two new and important additions to the Log Analytics workspace overview page, that surface underlying operational issues with your workspace. Such operation issues could be, for example, reaching a workspace limit, or encountering data ingestion issues, configuration or agent operation issues.

For that, we added two new signifiers (Fig 1)

"Workspace state" field: this field will indicate how many issues in state of "Warning", "Error" and "Critical" need your attention.


To investigate the issue, you can click the "Investigate" button or the linkable message under "Workspace state", this will route you to the "Workspace insights" blade, and "Health" tab under it.

You can read more here.

Under the "Health" tab, you will see listed the "Operation errors and warnings" (Fig 2), we have some of the possible errors\warnings listed in this article, including what can be done to mitigate the issue. 

Also in the article, we provide suggestions on how to setup alerts on-top of this table, setting such alerts is the best way to get notifications and assist you in monitoring your workspace.

To review what issues can surface, you can check this article.


(Fig 1)



(Fig 2)





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