Log Analytics Legacy Queries now available in the new Query UI
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Following the introduction of Log Analytics Query Packs we continue to improve our query experience in Log Analytics. 

The team has unified all query discovery experiences to one modern, convenient location.

Query Explorer queries are now named "Legacy Queries" in the UI.

You can now discover and use your Legacy Queries in the Log Analytics Query dialog:

Query dialog showing only Legacy queries.png

 And in the Log Analytics Query sidebar:

Queries sidebar with Legacy queries.png

Our new experiences offer a modern look and feel and enhance various aspects of the experience including better accessibility support and more.


Legacy Queries

Legacy Queries are saved in a workspace and only available when using a Log Analytics workspace.

Legacy queries make use of the saved searches API and allow limited, workspace only functionality.

We have unified the discovery and usage experiences so all of your different query types - Example Queries, Query Pack Queries and now - Legacy Queries share the same experience and representation in the Log Analytics UI.

You don't have to do anything, your Query Explorer queries, now named "Legacy Queries"  will be automatically available in the new experiences with 0 work or investment on your end.

We have also maintained support for Query Explorer categories - now named "Legacy Categories" to avoid conflict and confusion with Categories used in Query Packs and Tables.

Note: Favorites is not available in the new experience, please refer to the Query Explorer section of this blog for additional details.


The difference between Legacy Queries and Query Pack Queries

It is important to understand the differences between the new Query Packs Queries and the older Legacy Queries.

The team recommends using the feature rich Query Packs queries to save queries, however, if you have prior queries saved as Legacy Queries you can still use them in a new, improved experience.

  Legacy Queries Query Packs Queries Comments

Used in workspace only, not available in resource centric context

A query may only be used in the workspace it was saved in

Available in all Log Analytics contexts, the same query pack may be used in multiple workspaces and resources.  
Container Log Analytics workspace Query pack A Query Pack is an ARM object and is managed as such
Permissions Workspace permissions Each Query Pack has it's own permissions. Since Query Packs are ARM objects each Query Pack has granular permissions control  
Metadata Each query has a name and a Legacy Category only Rich metadata including description, Resource association and customizable tags when using API Learn more about Query Packs API here
Contextual UI and defaults  NA Queries dialog and sidebar are automatically filtered according to context  


Filter and Group by

Our new Queries dialog and sidebar support advanced functionality like search, filter and group by. 

We have extended these capabilities to Legacy Queries.

You can now filter your queries according to their type and Legacy Category - so it's easier and faster to find exactly what you need:

Change filter and group by query dialog.gif



Query Explorer and roadmap

The old Query Explorer experience is still available for you in the Workspace context. 

As we progress, the team will enhance the Legacy Query save and edit experiences to the new modern look and feel and unify it with the Log Analytics save experience.

Once all experiences are ready, the team plans to retire the old Query Explorer UI in favor of the new upgraded experiences.



We appreciate your feedback! comment on this blog post and let us know what you think of the this feature.

You may also use our in app feedback feature to provide us with additional feedbacks:

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