Line numbers in Log Analytics query editor
Published Aug 18 2020 05:21 AM 2,422 Views

We have added row numbers to our query editor.

When creating a Log Analytics query, each row in the query editor is indicated by a number:

Row numbers in query editor.png






This makes it easier to find the part of the query you need, when composing.

The new line numbers work in tandem with our new error messages. 
If something is wrong with the query you composed, our newly designed error messages will indicate the row where an issue was found, row numbers in query editor makes it faster and easier to find the issue and fix your query:

Row numbers in query editors with error.png 

Row numbers are optional.
The default setting for this feature is 'on' so Log Analytics show row numbers in query editor, however this can easily be changed from the 'settings' area of your Log Analytics blade:

Row numbers in query editor settings.pngLet us know what you think! we encourage you to reply and comment on this blog post.

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