Double click a table in Log Analytics table side bar to run a preview query
Published Oct 26 2020 08:00 AM 2,761 Views

Previewing data in a table:

Previewing the data in a table is one of the best ways to instantly understand it's content and data structure.

Since it's introduction, a large amount of our users have used our new 'preview' popup window to gain instant insight into the content of a table - and continued to use the 'load to query editor' button to load the preview query as a starting point for more complex insights.


Double click to preview:

Today we introduce a small but important enhancement to this feature.

Double clicking a table item will now immediately run the preview query in the query editor:

Double Click to preview GIF.gifThis is a small yet powerful enhancement designed to further shorten your way to insight.



Use our settings to choose if you prefer double clicking a table to run the preview query or add the table's name to the query editor:

Settings for run preview query on double click of schema.png



We value your feedback! please leave your comments and let us know if you like this new enhancement. 


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