New transactable offers from Sentrium S.L. and Commvault in Azure Marketplace

Published Jun 29 2020 08:39 AM 1,315 Views

Microsoft partners like Sentrium S.L. and Commvault deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


VyOS Router Appliance for Microsoft Azure: VyOS from Sentrium S.L. is an open-source network operating system based on GNU/Linux that provides advanced networking capabilities, such as dynamic routing, a zone-based firewall, and high availability. Because it supports multiple VPN and tunneling protocols (IPsec, VTI, L2TP, OpenVPN, WireGuard, GRE, IPIP, SIT, VXLAN, L2TPv3), VyOS is especially suited for a VPN gateway role.


Metallic Backup & Recovery for Microsoft 365: This product from Metallic, a division of Commvault, provides you with proven data protection with the simplicity of SaaS delivery. Metallic Backup & Recovery for Microsoft 365 offers unlimited retention and recoverability for critical data across Microsoft products, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Project, Groups, and Teams. The first month is free.

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