Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 140

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 72 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AlmaLinux 8 Latest.png

AlmaLinux 8 Latest: offers this preconfigured image of the latest version of AlmaLinux 8, which is automatically updated at launch to ensure you are running the most secure version available. AlmaLinux OS started as a replacement for CentOS 8 and as a one-to-one binary compatible fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Banyan Voice.png

Banyan Voice: The Banyan Voice platform is a Microsoft Azure-hosted communication solution that powers modular capabilities and services to streamline care coordination across the healthcare continuum.

Cloud VDI.png

Cloud VDI: Available only in Japanese, Net One Systems' Cloud VDI delivers a secure virtual desktop infrastructure, enabling your organization to take advantage of flexibility and scalability of the cloud to facilitate remote work across your organization.

CyberTwice ATTEST for Teams.png

CyberTwice ATTEST for Teams: CyberTwice ATTEST is an easy-to-deploy compliance collaboration recording solution for Microsoft Teams. ATTEST for Teams supports voice, chat, video, and meeting recordings and integrates Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for a wide range of analytics tasks.

Data visualization - anomaly detection package.png

Data visualization and anomaly detection package: Tokyo Electron Device's data visualization and anomaly detection solution enables you to acquire and visualize data from factory equipment and other devices to help improve the productivity and efficiency of field services. This application is available only in Japanese.

Digital Material Gate Pass System.png

Digital Material Gate Pass System: Monitor, record, and audit the movement of your business's materials with the Digital Material Gate Pass System from ISS Technologies. Features include customizable processes, alerts and reminders, and integration with Microsoft 365.

Discovery Education Experience.png

Discovery Education Experience: Discovery Education Experience provides compelling high-quality content, ready-to-use digital lessons, unique collaboration tools, and professional learning resources to give educators everything they need to facilitate instruction and create a lasting educational impact in any learning environment.

Event Management Solution.png

Event Management Solution: Cambay Digital’s Event Management Solution on Microsoft Azure helps event organizers through all aspects managing events, including event registrations, attendee check-ins, event promotion, and reporting.

Faena App.png

Faena App: Faena enables you to gain control, visibility, and traceability of your business processes. Drive digital transformation and quickly achieve operational agility with tangible benefits. This application is available only in Spanish.

Fujitsu Azure Cloud File Server.png

Fujitsu Azure Cloud File Server: Start sharing files with accounts and departments across your organization with Fujitsu Limited's cloud-based file server powered by Microsoft Azure. This application is available only in Japanese.

Global IDs Data Privacy solution for CCPA.png

Global IDs Data Privacy solution for CCPA: Global IDs Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform helps organizations comply with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations by using machine learning to identify CCPA elements and classify data. Build the level of confidence and trust that customers, regulators, and boards demand.

Global IDs Solution for Data Privacy on GDPR.png

Global IDs Solution for Data Privacy on GDPR: Global IDs Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform helps organizations comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations by using machine learning to identify GDPR elements and classify data. Build the level of confidence and trust that customers, regulators, and boards demand.

GreenBox Logistics Management System.png

GreenBox Logistics Management System: GreenBox is a cloud-based platform that optimizes logistics for recycling companies. The platform works together with a mobile application that helps drivers with optimized route planning, a map with a clear view of all destinations, real-time schedule progress tracking, and more.

HR Chatbot.png

HR Chatbot: Automate answers to employees' frequently asked questions about compensation, absence management, and more with BotSupply's HR Chatbot, an AI-driven assistant that integrates seamlessly with popular back-end human capital management systems.

ignio AI.Workload Management.png

ignio AI.Workload Management: Digitate's ignio AI.Workload Management transforms workload management operations from reactive to proactive. The solution combines the power of AI, machine learning, and automation to make your workload systems agile and predictable.


KeyMate: KeyMate from MULTIMA builds on the functionality of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint by enabling users to visualize, manage, and classify user access and authorization.

Kyligence Cloud.png

Kyligence Cloud: Kyligence Cloud on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end big data analytics service that leverages cloud-native computing and storage resources to simplify big data analytics. Enable cluster deployment, data access, and data analysis within minutes.

Lift Manager by Bosch.IO.png

Lift Manager by Bosch.IO: The Lift Manager tracks the status of each connected lift and monitors its parameters, providing insights into lift usage patterns. Lift Manager delivers predictive analytics that empower users to optimize lift servicing and predict and prevent unplanned downtime.

Managed Security 365 (SecAAS) for Microsoft 365.png

Managed Security 365 (SecAAS) for Microsoft 365: The Managed Security 365 service strengthens the security and compliance of Microsoft cloud services by automatically configuring Microsoft's security standards to optimum levels to help prevent identity theft, data misuse, and more.


MURAL: MURAL is a leading digital workspace for visual collaboration in the enterprise. Consultants, product teams, designers, program managers, and executives use MURAL on Microsoft Azure to solve problems, build consensus, and accelerate innovation.


NEO LMS: NEO is a learning management system (LMS) that helps schools manage all classroom activities, such as creating and delivering educational content, assessing students, and promoting communication and collaboration between students and teachers.

NGINX Plus Standard Edition.png

NGINX Plus Standard Edition: NGINX Plus brings enterprise-grade features such as session persistence and active health checks so that you can add advanced application load balancing, monitoring, and management to your Microsoft Azure application stack.


MOX IT OEE: Optimize manufacturing processes, measure equipment efficiency in real time, and lower operating costs with the MOX IT OEE system on Microsoft Azure. Gain insights into the efficiency of your production processes, identify hidden costs, and more.

Secure Digital Enterprise.png

Secure Digital Enterprise: Realizing the impact of the digital world across your workplace and marketplace is critical to drive business performance. EY Global's Secure Digital Enterprise on Microsoft Azure helps you predict, monitor, and manage risks while advancing business growth and facilitating digital transformation.


SmartRobot: SmartRobot is an omni-channel chatbot solution that uses Microsoft Azure AI and Azure Cognitive Services to help enterprises improve their 24/7 customer experience.

SmartWork-Teams (Conversational AI).png

SmartWork-Teams (Conversational AI): SmartWork is a Microsoft Teams-based chatbot that uses conversational AI to help improve Microsoft 365 adoption by delivering contextual reasoning, reinforcement learning, recommending knowledge, and predictive analytics.

Stratum's Azure Migrate & Manage.png

Stratum's Azure Migrate & Manage: Looking to migrate to the cloud but aren't sure where to start? Stratum will analyze the components of your business and build a suitable solution based on your requirements. Minimize IT costs and maximize uptime with Starum's managed services for Microsoft Azure.

SUSE Rancher.png

SUSE Rancher: SUSE Rancher addresses the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure while providing DevOps teams with integrated tools for running containerized workloads.

Teams Direct Routing Voice Managed Service.png

Teams Direct Routing Voice: Managed Service: Evolve IP integrates Microsoft Teams and Cisco enterprise PBX to deliver a unified voice experience for users on any device without bots, browser extensions, or third-party software. It is designed to drive communication and collaboration and boost employee productivity.

Turbo Server.png

Turbo Server: Avoid time-consuming downloads and installation processes and launch applications from websites and client desktops with Turbo Server’s application deployment platform. This offer includes the hub, portal, and application servers.

Ubiqod Platform.png

Ubiqod Platform: Skiply's Ubiqod allows you to stay connected to your remote workforce while supervising operations and task completion. Use an IoT button or scan a QR code to easily configure and manage the process without the need for additional apps.


upSWOT: UpSWOT helps financial institutions serve SMB clients by offering actionable insights and cashflow forecast powered by an API-enabled data dashboard. Businesses get relevant, timely offers based on real-time monitoring of their issues, risks, and needs.

Visma Analytics for Power BI.png

Visma Analytics for Power BI: Built on Microsoft Azure and Power BI, Visma Analytics helps organizations monitor and analyze real-time financial data and make informed decisions while staying competitive and relevant. This application is available in Norwegian, Swedish, and English.


WhoTeach: WhoTeach is a B2B digital learning platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create high quality custom courses for teachers and students based on their needs, profiles, and skills. This helps companies and training institutions save time and resources and keeps their courses relevant.

Windows Server 2016 Core.png

Windows Server 2016 Core: Cloud Infrastructure Services offers this minimal installation option of Windows Server 2016 Core. It uses less disk space and is ideal for enterprises maintaining a large number of servers that require minimal administration once they are deployed.

Windows Server 2019 Core.png

Windows Server 2019 Core: Cloud Infrastructure Services offers this minimal installation option of Windows Server 2019 Core. It uses less disk space and is ideal for enterprises maintaining a large number of servers that require minimal administration once they are deployed.

WorkSafe trial for Covid standalone version.png

WorkSafe trial for COVID standalone version: Vulcan AI's video solution offers real-time monitoring and alerts to ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed at your workplace. The AI-powered application tracks social distancing between employees, checks for overcrowding, and sends alerts if there are any violations.

X Way.png

X Way: Axilion’s X Way suite of services harnesses the power of AI to help cities manage mobility challenges and reduce pollution. X Way tracks the traffic network using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and creates a digital version of the city. It then uses AI to monitor, analyze, and optimize mobility.

Consulting services

1-Week Azure Security Design and Review Workshop.png

1-Week Azure Security Design and Review Workshop: This workshop from Redapt helps clients gain a broader and deeper understanding of their Microsoft Azure environment. It identifies compliance requirements and provides a gap analysis while offering best practices to protect against cybersecurity threats.

Analytics & Power BI 10-Week Implementation.png

Analytics & Power BI: 10-Week Implementation: Available only in Portuguese, this implementation by Blueshift Brasil harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure and Power BI to help clients make data-driven decisions and reduce operational expenses.

APEX - 2-Week Assessment.png

APEX - 2-Week Assessment: This assessment by MindTree uses Microsoft Azure big data services to boost CPG sales. It maps data from sales, stores, and products as well as demographic data and then uses proprietary algorithms to perform predictive modeling for each store.

Azure Application Modernization - 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Application Modernization - 4-Week Implementation: Redapt’s four-week implementation is designed to modernize big businesses running on legacy applications like .NET and SQL by migrating them to Microsoft Azure. This results in cost optimization, nimble go-to-market solutions, and enterprise efficiency.

Azure Big Data & Analytics 1-Day Assessment.png

Azure Big Data & Analytics: 1-Day Assessment: Whether you are new to Microsoft Azure and want to build a big data application or your existing analytics solution needs to be migrated and modernized, this assessment by T-Systems International will walk your through your options and deliver a well-documented solution customized to your needs.

Azure CAF Landing Zone - 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure CAF Landing Zone - 6-Week Implementation: Take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing with Redapt's Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) landing zone implementation. This six-week solution delivers an Azure environment that is built for scale, security, governance, networking, and identity management.

Azure Data Strategy Engagement 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Data Strategy Engagement: 1-Week Assessment: From migration to deployment, Redapt's one-week assessment will draft a step-by-step solution so your organization can get the most from its data by adopting Microsoft Azure data services.

Azure Migration Service.png

Azure Migration Service: ITQAN Global offers migration services for Microsoft Azure and can implement Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup according to your business needs.

Azure migration of local MS-SQL Database 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure migration of local Microsoft SQL Database: 4-Week Implementation: Developed by Konica Minolta, this four-week implementation will help migrate your local Microsoft SQL Server workload to Microsoft Azure SQL Database cloud services or Azure Virtual Machines in a quick, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Azure Serve 2-Week Implementation.png

Azure Serve: 2-Week Implementation: Aimed at both new and existing Microsoft Azure customers, this two-week implementation by Evros delivers a Windows Virtual Desktop solution that is custom built for scale, security, governance, and networking.

Blockchain 5-Week BaaS Proof of Concept.png

Blockchain: 5-Week BaaS Proof of Concept: Lixar’s proof of concept establishes a common trust-based platform to facilitate safety auditing and certification between stakeholders. The solution leverages blockchain as a service (BaaS) on Microsoft Azure and can save clients up to 80 percent in certification costs.

Cloud Back Up 1-Day Implementation.png

Cloud Back Up: 1-Day Implementation: Buchanan Technologies' free implementation provides a quick path to safely back up and manage your Microsoft Azure assets and data through Buchanan’s business continuity as a service backup solution.

Cloud Services for Azure 4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Services for Azure: 4-Week Implementation: Fujitsu's Cloud Services for Azure delivers a transformation experience onto Microsoft Azure. Fujitsu works with you step by step from assessing current traditional environments to migrating workloads and ongoing management and optimization of your Azure environment.

CloudCan Microsoft Azure Solution 5-Day Assessment.png

CloudCan Microsoft Azure Solution: 5-Day Assessment: List CloudCan's Microsoft Azure Solution Assessment incorporates proven strategies for managing and optimizing your organization's IT assets. Protect your investment by identifying your software and hardware assets, see where they are running, determine whether they are being used efficiently.

CMMC 1-Hour Briefing.png

CMMC 1-Hour Briefing: In this free briefing, Wipfli will explain how it helps businesses implement Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Defender to meet Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements. CMMC certification is required for Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers and contractors.

Digital Treasury Service on Azure 4-Hour Briefing.png

Digital Treasury Service on Azure: 4-Hour Briefing: This free briefing from HCL demonstrates how its Digital Treasury as a Service on Microsoft Azure provides banks with cost-effective support for global treasury trading operations, facilitates compliance and risk management, and enables banks to automate core treasury operations.

Integration Architecture Fast Track 8-Week Assessment.png

Integration Architecture Fast Track: 8-Week Assessment: Digia's Integration Architecture Fast Track assessment is a rapid, cost-effective service for creating your organization's integration architecture vision and recommending actions for implementing the vision using Microsoft Azure services.

Kubernetes Health Check 1-Day Assessment.png

Kubernetes Health Check 1-Day Assessment: In this free assessment Ordina will dive into your Kubernetes setup and plot it against your business requirements and Ordina's best practices. Ensure your container platform on Microsoft Azure is resilient, scales as expected, and protects against unexpected incidents.

Multi-Cloud Transformation - Migrate 10-Week Implementation.png

Multi-Cloud Transformation - Migrate: 10-Week Implementation: Fujitsu's Multi-Cloud Transformation - Migrate implementation relocates your workloads to your Microsoft Azure environment quickly and with minimal disruption, using best practices and automated tooling. The service includes the design, build, configuration, and validation of your landing zone.

Netsurit WVD Managed Service 1-Week Implementation.png

Netsurit WVD Managed Service: 1-Week Implementation: Netsurit's managed service offering for Windows Virtual Desktop solves remote user connectivity, compatibility, security, and application management challenges by moving your organization to a managed environment on Microsoft Azure.

Oracle to PostgreSQL - 8-Week Assessment.png

Oracle to PostgreSQL - 8-Week Assessment: Mindtree Limited will help you modernize your database and infrastructure environment by creating a roadmap to migrate your on-premises Oracle Database to Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL Database.

oXya - SAP on Azure Managed Services.png

oXya - SAP on Azure Managed Services: oXya, A Hitachi Group Company, offers managed services for SAP on Microsoft Azure. Services are customizable to meet your needs and are delivered through a privileged access management solution to ensure security and traceability.

Power Cloud Plus Azure Utilization Assistance 10-Week Implementation.png

Power Cloud Plus Azure Utilization Assistance: 10-Week Implementation: Available only in Japanese, AZPower's Power Cloud Plus implementation helps your organization determine how it can benefit from using Microsoft Azure and provides the proposal, construction, and support of an Azure environment tailored to your needs.

Rapid Azure Migration - 6-Week Implementation.png

Rapid Azure Migration - 6-Week Implementation: Redapt's Rapid Azure Migration implementation simplifies the Microsoft Azure migration process while helping users build confidence in the new Azure environment with minimal business disruption. Deliverables include migrating servers to a fully functioning Azure landing zone in one region.

Redapt SmartBot 2-Week Implementation.png

Redapt SmartBot: 2-Week Implementation: Redapt SmartBot uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and interacts the way people do by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide quick, accurate responses. Deliverables include a fully functional bot solution for one use case.

SAP on Azure 4-Week Implementation.png

SAP on Azure: 4-Week Implementation: ITC Infotech India will assess the steps required to migrate your organization's SAP environment to Microsoft Azure in this four-week assessment. Depending on your current environment and business needs, ITC will employ one of four migration approaches, including lift and shift and lift and migrate.

SecWise Watch Managed Security Service 24x7.png SecWise Watch: Managed Security Service 24x7: SecWise Watch monitors, follows up, and analyzes your organization's cybersecurity incidents and alerts as a managed service to ensure every incident is handled appropriately. Protect your data, identities, devices, and infrastructure with SecWise Watch.
SmartMine Mining Predictive Analytics 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

SmartMine: Mining Predictive Analytics: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Designed for the mining and natural resource industry, Lixar IT's SmartMine proof of concept is a pilot analytics project designed to show you how your most valuable resource — your data — can be turned into meaningful, interactive insights with Microsoft Azure services.

Space Managed Express Route Service.png

Space Managed Express Route Service: This managed service delivers private, dedicated connectivity to Microsoft Azure through Space Hellas's private core network in Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. Extend your enterprise's business reachability into the cloud with Space Hellas and Azure.

SPACE Managed Windows Virtual Desktop.png

SPACE Managed Windows Virtual Desktop: Space Hellas's managed services for Windows Virtual Desktop provide management and support of your virtual desktop environment on Microsoft Azure. Get performance, security, cost, and compliance monitoring with regular advisory and best-practice recommendations.

Telco BSS and CRM 1-Week Assessment.png

Telco BSS and CRM: 1-Week Assessment: Triple-Innovations offers this free assessment for communications service providers that would like to reduce complexity and cut costs by migrating to Microsoft Azure. Learn how to get the most out of your business support systems with Triple-Innovations and Azure services.

TwoConnect BizTalk 2020 Upgrade vs Azure Workshop.png

TwoConnect: BizTalk 2020 Upgrade vs Azure Workshop: This free workshop from TwoConnect provides everything you need to decide whether upgrading to Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 or migrating to Microsoft Azure Integration Services is the best choice to meet your business requirements.

Windows Virtual Desktop-Proof of Concept 1-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop-Proof of Concept: 1-Week Implementation: In this one-week proof of concept, SoftBank will deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop environment for your organization's verification. This service is available only in Japanese.

WVD - Plan for Success 1-Day Workshop.png

WVD - Plan for Success: 1-Day Workshop: Understand what you need to successfully deploy Windows Virtual Desktop to accomplish your business goals in Cubesys’s free workshop. Cubesys will provide budget guidance, evaluate your readiness, and build a tailored plan to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop.

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