Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 117

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 85 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


16 Bit Legacy Applications in Azure.png

16-Bit Legacy Applications in Azure: APPtechnology's Microsoft Azure-hosted or local containerization solution allows legacy applications with compatibility issues to be deployed to users on 64-bit Windows 10 devices. Migrate all your users to Windows 10 while retaining the secure use of existing business apps.

ANSYS Cloud.png

ANSYS Cloud: The Ansys Cloud service offers on-demand computing resources optimized for Ansys simulation applications running in a secure cloud environment hosted on Microsoft Azure. Run full-featured Ansys applications on cloud-based workstations accessible via a web browser.

Apache Web Server with CentOS 7.9.png

Apache Web Server with CentOS 7.9: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Apache HTTP Server 2.4.6 with CentOS 7.9. Launched in 1995, Apache HTTP Server is an open-source, cross-platform web server.

Apache Web Server with Redhat 8.png

Apache Web Server with Red Hat 8: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Apache HTTP Server 2.4.37 with Red Hat 8.2. Launched in 1995, Apache HTTP Server is an open-source, cross-platform web server.

Appointment Management System.png

Appointment Management System: PetalMD's solution digitizes the planning of medical resources and captures patient demand by connecting to your appointment scheduling platforms. The solution helps reduce waiting periods, increase patient satisfaction, and standardize data access and performance.

Armorblox Email Protection.png

Armorblox Email Protection: Powered by natural-language understanding, Armorblox is an API-based cloud office security platform that helps protect Microsoft 365 and Exchange users from targeted phishing attacks and sensitive data loss over email.

astorTime Basic (Temperature and Attendance).png

astorTime Basic (Temperature and Attendance): astorTime Basic provides a workforce attendance and temperature management system using an integrated handheld device, making it suitable for mobile use in outdoor environments.

BlockAPT SOAR Platform.png

BlockAPT SOAR Platform: The BlockAPT SOAR platform combines threat intelligence, endpoint security, vulnerability management, device monitoring, and incident response management in one platform to help businesses significantly decrease cybersecurity risks.

Bosch Connected Building Services.png

Bosch Connected Building Services: Bosch Connected Building Services connect equipment and building infrastructure, convert data into a uniform format, and create a digital map of the facility that serves to help you assess its current and historic condition.

Builder Studio.png

Builder Studio: Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Builder Studio platform industrializes software development using Lego-like reusable features, an AI-powered assembly line, and a curated network of experts to customize the reusable features.

ccloud ai.png

cCloud ai: The cPacket cCloud Visibility Suite provides a range of packet-data-based services to deliver always-on network intelligence for your Microsoft Azure environment. Features include filtering, traffic aggregation, and load balancing.

CentOS 7.9.png

CentOS 7.9: Cloud Maven Solutions offers this pre-configured, ready-to-use image of CentOS 7.9. CentOS is a popular operating system running in hosted environments, and CentOS 7.9 includes major changes that pertain to booting up and managing the system.

CentOS 7.9.png

CentOS 7.9 (Free): Cloud Maven Solutions offers this free, pre-configured, and ready-to-use image of CentOS 7.9. CentOS is a popular operating system running in hosted environments, and CentOS 7.9 includes major changes that pertain to booting up and managing the system.

CentOS 7.9 Free.png

CentOS 7.9 (Free): Cognosys offers this free pre-configured image of CentOS Linux release 7.9 on Microsoft Azure. CentOS 7.9 is a popular operating system running in hosted cloud environments.

CentOS 8.3.png

CentOS 8.3: offers this Minimal CentOS 8.3 image with an auto-extending root file system and cloud-init included. CentOS 8.3 is mainly used as a common base system on top of which other appliances can be built and tested. This image comes with Security-Enhanced Linux enabled.

CentOS Stream.png

CentOS Stream: offers this Minimal CentOS 8 Stream image with an auto-extending root file system and cloud-init included. CentOS Stream is an upstream development platform that enables you to quickly and easily see what’s coming next in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Cerri Enterprise project and task Platform.png

Cerri Enterprise project and task Platform: Crafted to meet global enterprise needs ranging from simple to complex project collaboration functionality, Cerri's platform of interconnected apps helps you meet the demands of today’s enterprises and the challenges of project management and team collaboration.

Denodo Platform 8.0 (Annual).png

Denodo Platform 8.0 (Annual): Denodo provides real-time integrated views combining all your Microsoft Azure data and SaaS and on-premises databases and applications. Quickly create a logical data warehouse combining cloud and on-premises databases, data lakes, and applications.


DocHawk: DockHawk for Microsoft Teams enables you to quickly associate employees with the certifications that apply to them. Manage expiration intervals and send email reminders to employees detailing upcoming or expired certifications.

Docker CE with CentOS 7.9.png

Docker CE with CentOS 7.9: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Docker Community Edition with CentOS 7.9. Docker CE is ideal for developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps.

Dragon Professional Anywhere.png

Dragon Professional Anywhere: Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere delivers cloud-hosted speech recognition for the enterprise and public sector, empowering busy professionals to use their voices naturally to create detailed, accurate documentation.

Earth Knowledge Insight Services.png

Earth Knowledge Insight Services: Earth Knowledge Insight Services give context and insight to business decision-making, looking far beyond climate change alone. The solution incorporates more than 140 Global Climate Indicators to help you isolate and mitigate key risk factors.

EcoStruxure Facility Expert.png

EcoStruxure Facility Expert: EcoStruxure Facility Expert is IoT-based software that delivers operational and energy efficiency while ensuring business continuity and occupants' comfort in individual facilities or across a portfolio of buildings.

EcoStruxure Traceability Advisor.png

EcoStruxure Traceability Advisor: EcoStruxure Traceability Advisor provides end-to-end traceability and transparency across the supply chain for the consumer packaged goods market. Gain full visibility into your supply chain by capturing and analyzing history, location, and supplier data from different sources.

Haproxy With CentOS 7.9.png

Haproxy With CentOS 7.9: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Haproxy with CentOS 7.9. Haproxy is open-source software that provides a high availability load balancer and proxy server for TCP-based and HTTP-based applications, spreading requests across multiple servers.

Haproxy With Red Hat 8.png

Haproxy With Red Hat 8: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Haproxy with Red Hat 8. Haproxy is open-source software that provides a high availability load balancer and proxy server for TCP-based and HTTP-based applications, spreading requests across multiple servers.

Infinigent HCM.png

Infinigent HCM: Available as a SaaS, hosted, or on-premises solution, Infinigent Software Solutions' enterprise-ready human capital management (HCM) platform covers all your workforce management processes, including resourcing, time and attendance, payroll, benefits, and performance management.

Infosys Cloud Infrastructure Validation.png

Infosys Cloud Infrastructure Validation: The Infosys Cloud Infrastructure Validation (ICIV) platform helps conduct Microsoft Azure cloud-readiness and non-functional validation for an Azure cloud platform using open-source technology and pre-configured templates.

InMate Needs Assessment System.png

InMate Needs Assessment System: Built using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, InMate Needs Assessment System helps evaluate substance abuse, mental illness, and other assessment processes among prison inmates, then determines the appropriate welfare programs.

Intelligent Text Extractor.png

Intelligent Text Extractor: A computer-vision-based OCR solution, Intelligent Text Extractor provides accurate text extraction on printed, hand-printed, and handwritten text. It supports multiple languages, auto-classification of unfamiliar document templates, and validation for text types and formats.

Intelligent Trade Promotion Optimization.png

Intelligent Trade Promotion Optimization: Pactera Technologies' enterprise-scale, AI-powered Intelligent Trade Promotion Management Platform helps you design accurate, automated trade promotion plans with a high ROI. Predict sales along with the effects of cannibalization, customer switching, stockpiling, and more.

Investigative Case Management.png

Investigative Case Management: Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, MERP Systems' Investigative Case Management system addresses digging and fire-related incidents. Facilitate time-based reporting and the efficient management of complaints from receipt to resolution.

InvestSuite - Investtech-as-a-Service.png

InvestSuite - Investtech-as-a-Service: InvestSuite is a B2B SaaS solution that helps banks, brokers, wealth managers, pension funds, and other financial institutions serve their clients better via InvestSuite's Robo Advisor, StoryTeller, Self Investor, and Portfolio Optimizer modules.

Jenkins With CentOS 7.9.png

Jenkins with CentOS 7.9: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Jenkins with CentOS 7.9. Jenkins is an open-source tool written in Java that provides continuous integration services for software development.

Jenkins With Red Hat 8.png

Jenkins with Red Hat 8: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Jenkins 2.249.2 with Red Hat 8.2. Jenkins is an open-source tool written in Java that provides continuous integration services for software development.

JKIT Smart Factory (MVP1).png

JKIT Smart Factory (MVP1): John Keells Information Technology (JKIT) Smart Factory (MVP1) is an IoT-enabled asset and environment monitoring platform that can be used across many industry verticals. Get live updates on a wide spectrum of measurements and notify responsible parties to act accordingly.

JKIT Smart Office (MVP1).png

JKIT Smart Office (MVP1): John Keells Information Technology (JKIT) Smart Office (MVP1) is a mobile app designed to enhance employee workflows and processes. Built on Microsoft Azure, it enables anyone with "requestor" access to create and submit various types of requests.

JKIT Smart Retail (MVP1).png

JKIT Smart Retail (MVP1): Smart Retail (MVP1) is a multifaceted mobile app designed to enhance customer experience. From purchase frequencies to brand preferences, Smart Retail captures a range of critical insights to help you deliver personalized shopping experiences.

LAMP With CentOS 7.9 MariaDB 10.png

LAMP with CentOS 7.9 MariaDB 10: Cognosys offers this ready-to-run LAMP stack on CentOS 7.9 with MariaDB 10.5.8. LAMP is an archetypal model of web service solution stacks, named as an acronym of its original components: Linux OS, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL RDBMS, and the PHP programming language.

LAMP With Red Hat 8.png

LAMP with Red Hat 8: Cognosys offers this ready-to-run LAMP stack on Red Hat 8.3 with MariaDB 10.3.27. LAMP is an archetypal model of web service solution stacks, named as an acronym of its original components: Linux OS, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL RDBMS, and the PHP programming language.

Learning-Teaching-Evaluation-Monitoring Ecosystem.png

Learning-Teaching-Evaluation-Monitoring Ecosystem: Secure Learning's integrated platform for blended teaching, personalized learning, and assessment includes a web interface for administration, a teacher enablement app, the @Home Learner app, and more to drive the digital transformation of K-12 education.

LMS powered by Moodle With CentOS 7.9.png

LMS powered by Moodle with CentOS 7.9: This pre-configured image from Cognosys contains LMS powered by Moodle 3.9.1 with CentOS 7.9. LMS powered by Moodle is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom, and other e-learning projects to help educators and trainers achieve learning goals.

Logicalis - Eugenio.png

Logicalis - Eugenio: Serving as a bridge between IoT data and your business layer from device to the cloud, the EUGENIO IoT platform helps developers create IoT solutions based on a secure, reliable, and scalable end-to-end infrastructure.

Managed Azure Sentinel through Tiberium CDC.png

Managed Azure Sentinel through Tiberium CDC: Powered by Azure Sentinel, the Tiberium Cyber Defence Centre is a managed service that delivers cloud-native cyber detection and response outcomes for organizations looking to measurably improve their cybersecurity posture.

MariaDB 10 With CentOS 7.9.png

MariaDB 10 with CentOS 7.9: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of MariaDB 10.5.8 with CentOS 7.9. MariaDB Server is a popular open-source relational database created by the original developers of MySQL.

MariaDB 10 With Red Hat 8.png

MariaDB 10 with Red Hat 8: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of MariaDB 10.3.17 with Red Hat 8. MariaDB Server is a popular open-source relational database created by the original developers of MySQL.

Meat Value Chain Optimization with AI.png

Meat Value Chain Optimization with AI: With its disruptive AI technology, Völur provides the meat industry new real-time insights, production plans, what-if simulations, and recommendations on the most optimal cutting and processing solutions. Make your business more sustainable and more profitable with Völur.

myData Connector.png

myData Connector: Available only in Greek, Data Communication's myData Connector is a SaaS solution and middleware tool between your organization's enterprise resource planning system and the myData platform.

MySQL 5.7 With CentOS 7.9.png

MySQL 5.7 with CentOS 7.9: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of MySQL 5.7.32 with CentOS 7.9. MySQL is a popular open-source relational SQL database management system for developing web-based software applications.

Nginx With CentOS 7.9.png

Nginx With CentOS 7.9: Cognosys offers this pre-configured image of Nginx 1.16.1 with CentOS 7.9. NGINX is an all-in-one API gateway, cache, load balancer, web application firewall (WAF), and web server.

Nuance CDE One.png

Nuance CDE One: Nuance CDE One enables clinical documentation improvement teams to engage collaboratively with physicians, resulting in better-quality documentation that is more reflective of each patient's acuity and level of care.

Nuance Patient Engagement.png

Nuance Patient Engagement: Designed to deliver better patient experiences with AI‑powered, omni‑channel technology, Nuance Patient Engagement brings world-class consumer engagement to healthcare and advances the quality of service that organizations deliver across the patient journey.

PeterConnects Receptionist.png

PeterConnects Receptionist: PeterConnects Receptionist is a comprehensive telephone operator’s console for Microsoft Teams, providing a range of smart features for fast and easy call handling and efficient call distribution for organizations of all sizes.

Photone4- Preparing your workplace for COVID-19.png

Photone4: Preparing Your Workplace for COVID-19: Photone4 is a temperature, social distancing, and personal protective equipment (PPE) detection solution powered by AI. It provides detailed insights through real-time alerts and reports, enabling faster decisions and helping you comply with OSHA regulations in the workplace.

Production quality dashboard for manufacturing.png

Production Quality Dashboard for Manufacturing: This Power BI dashboard enables manufacturing companies to leverage analytics and data visualization tools to make smart predictions, optimize product mix, reduce cycle times, and improve quality.

Questback Leadership.png

Questback Leadership: Future-proof your company by developing your greatest assets -- your leaders -- with Questback Leadership, a next-generation leadership development solution powered by Microsoft Azure.

SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams.png

SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams: SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams combines assessment, academic tracking, learner support, and curriculum planning into one place in Teams. Gain full visibility into teaching and learning to improve student learning outcomes in your school.

Sitecore Content Hub.png

Sitecore Content Hub: Sitecore Content Hub is a unified, highly configurable SaaS solution for planning, organizing, and distributing sales and marketing content across your internal organization and external marketing channels.

Smartface Enterprise App Store.png

Smartface Enterprise App Store: The Smartface Enterprise App Store module provides an in-house, enterprise-specific app store with a customizable mobile storefront to provide access to your business's apps.

SmartMessage Marketing and Digital Communication.png

SmartMessage Marketing and Digital Communication: SmartMessage is an enterprise-ready, omnichannel marketing communication platform that covers a comprehensive set of solutions, including features that support the creation, automation, execution, and reporting of email, SMS, push, and social media campaigns.

SmartTAP 360° Live.png

SmartTAP 360° Live: AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live is an enterprise compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams. Record all online voice, video, and IM interactions for AI-powered analysis and to meet regulatory compliance requirements.


Synergies: Synergies' banking platform connects legacy systems to new technology, enabling organizations to leverage core technologies, access an open banking ecosystem, integrate systems, and rapidly develop products to open new revenue streams.

The Programmatic Platform.png

The Programmatic Platform: The Programmatic Platform provides marketers with a comprehensive management toolkit to design, optimize, and deliver campaigns via a step-by-step process, including an interactive brief, dynamic media planning, automated pilot setup, and a real-time reporting dashboard.

Thycotic Privilege Manager.png

Thycotic Privilege Manager: Thycotic Privilege Manager simplifies the implementation of a comprehensive endpoint privilege management strategy that includes a principle of least privilege (PoLP) security posture and application control. Mitigate security threats without disrupting business users and IT teams.

TomTom Traffic Stats.png

TomTom Traffic Stats: TomTom Traffic Stats provides historical road traffic speeds and travel times in more than 75 countries, delivering average and median speeds, speed limits, street names, and road class, along with sample sizes for confidence in results.

Consulting services

10-Week CAF Ready Assessment.png

10-Week CAF Ready Assessment: Designed to accelerate your journey to Microsoft Azure, Alithya’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Ready Assessment includes an Azure setup guide with recommendations for your cloud resources and a best-practices presentation.

Application Modernization Advisory 4-Week Assessment.png

Application Modernization Advisory 4-Week Assessment: SoftwareONE’s Application Modernization Advisory helps you define and design an ideal approach to modernize your applications using Microsoft Azure services. Benefit from simple cost management, extended functions, and faster provisioning of your applications.

Azure Analytics Workshop- 4-Hour Workshop.png

Azure Analytics Workshop: 4-Hour Workshop: DataArt's Microsoft Azure data experts will provide a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end analytics (from data collection to BI and forecasting), how to use Azure Synapse Analytics, and the benefits of implementing an analytics culture in your organization.

Cloud Services for Azure - Lighthouse.png

Cloud Services for Azure - Lighthouse: Fujitsu’s Cloud Services for Azure is an end-to-end service that delivers digital transformation to Microsoft Azure. With Azure Lighthouse, you maintain control over tenant access while enabling Fujitsu to deliver a holistic managed service.

CLOUDETEERs Golden Tenant Setup and Management.png

CLOUDETEERs Golden Tenant Setup and Management: Each compliant Microsoft Azure Active Directory tenant setup and managed by CLOUDETEER includes compliance and deployment pipelines, in-depth dashboards, an open-source monitoring stack, a private Git repository where tenant configurations are stored as code, and more.

Data and Infrastructure Migration- 3-Week Assessment.png

Data and Infrastructure Migration: 3-Week Assessment: In this three-week assessment, Waterleaf Digital will help you optimize your current application and server workloads while providing insights on the business and technology benefits of moving additional workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Data Driven Company Assessment - 4 Weeks.png

Data Driven Company Assessment - 4 Weeks: Sopra Steria Norway will help you establish a data strategy and roadmap to facilitate data-driven decision-making in your organization. Take the first step toward becoming a data-driven company and learn how artificial intelligence can deliver business benefits.

GOTOP LabService.png GOTOP LabService: Microsoft Azure Lab Services enable instructors to quickly set up labs for classroom use and specify the number and type of VMs required. Available in Traditional Chinese, GOTOP Information's service provides technical assistance to help you set up Azure Lab Services.
Install SAP1 on Azure - 4-Week implementation.png

Install SAP1 on Azure: 4-Week implementation: Looking to install SAP Business One on Microsoft Azure for your organization? OfficeTechHub's four-week implementation includes a full installation on Azure, backup and disaster recovery configuration, and more.

IoT-Automated-Pack-Training Workshop- 9 Hours.png

IoT-Automated-Pack-Training Workshop: 9 Hours: Available only in Traditional Chinese, Weblink International's IoT workshop helps educators understand IoT architecture, recognize different sensor signals, and use Microsoft Power Automate to transfer IoT data to Azure SQL Database for in-depth Power BI reports.

MOQdigital Managed Sentinel.png MOQdigital Managed Sentinel: MOQdigital provides a managed security service using Microsoft Azure Sentinel. MOQdigital can help set up Azure Sentinel in your organization’s environment, including offering Azure Sentinel as a service for ongoing incident management, response, and investigation.
NLP (AI) in Action- 2-Week PoC.png

NLP (AI) in Action: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Ilitia Technologies will deliver a proof of concept that solves your business use case by applying artificial intelligence/natural language processing services on Microsoft Azure. This offer is available only in Spanish.

NNIT Managed Foundation Services.png NNIT Managed Foundation Services: Using Microsoft Azure Lighthouse, NNIT will maintain, monitor, and advise on your Azure workloads. Benefit from a platform that scales automatically, keeps administrative overhead to a minimum, and facilitates the healthy operation of your workloads.
One-Day AI Assessment by Cognitive Machines.png

One-Day AI Assessment by Cognitive Machines: Developing cognitive products leveraging recent advancements in AI can be daunting. In this free assessment, Cognitive Machines' Microsoft-certified data scientists will identify AI-driven data transformation opportunities and define an implementation plan for your business.

POC - Windows Virtual Desktop (5 Days).png

POC - Windows Virtual Desktop (5 Days): In this proof of concept, Inetum will implement a Windows Virtual Desktop environment enabling you to validate its ability to meet your business needs, such as telecommuting or app consumption that requires 3D graphics rendering. This offer is available only in French.

Smart Cloud Infrastructure- 10-Week Implementation.png

Smart Cloud Infrastructure: 10-Week Implementation: No matter what stage your organization's data strategy is in, MostWare's smart cloud infrastructure implementation helps you achieve your data goals and realize optimal data maturity. This offer is available only in Dutch.

Synapse Analytics One-Day PoC.png

Synapse Analytics One-Day Proof of Concept: Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics provides a variety of tools that work well together under one interface. Available only in German, this proof of concept from Ceteris will help you implement data-gathering concepts aligned with the practical abilities of Azure Synapse Analytics.

Virtual Desktop as a Service.png Virtual Desktop as a Service: MITIBI will provide fast deployment and configuration of Windows Virtual Desktop for your organization. Give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere with familiar tools and 24/7 technical and consulting support.
Windows Virtual Desktop- 2-Hour Briefing.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Hour Briefing: Bridgeall offers this free two-hour briefing to help you understand how implementing Windows Virtual Desktop can benefit your organization. Deliverables include an implementation outline and clearly defined next steps.

Windows Virtual Desktop- 2-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Implementation: Team Venti will collaborate with you to understand your objectives, requirements, and desired outcomes, then deliver a Windows Virtual Desktop experience with built-in, intelligent security to enable your business to scale based on your needs.

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