Perceptual Informatics uses Azure Maps for their AI for Earth research


I had the opportunity to meet & chat with Ted Bradley and Bjorn Brooks of Perceptual Informatics today at the AI for Earth Summit at the Microsoft campus. Perceptual Informatics, an environmental startup company, has been awarded Microsoft's AI for Earth Grant to further its research on the economic effects of climate change on the agriculture industry. During our meeting, Ted Bradley talked about the work he was doing analyzing weather data and correlating to harvest data across multiple years. He also demoed the work he was doing using  Azure Maps. Perceptual has selected Azure Maps as their Geospatial & Data Visualization platform and is doing some amazing work with it to identify the sustainability of short- and long-term agricultural investments and to determine costs and mitigate risks associated with climate change.


Here is a link to a small example of their work (they have plenty of additional models including volatility and risk models)  Historical Corn Viewer



Read more about their work here


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