[Customer Story] Imperial College London using Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure Lab Services
Published Jun 09 2021 11:52 PM 2,483 Views

Here is an example of mixed usage for Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure Lab Services.




A few relevant quotes from the article:


"Students and instructors began using the solution right away, following online instructions to get started. “Azure Virtual Desktop is pretty self-explanatory to use,” says Neil Hanham. “After running it, you’re in Windows, so there really wasn’t any training needed. With Lab Services, I onboarded the instructors, who onboarded their students."


"One Earth Sciences professor uses Lab Services to deliver specific Linux environments remotely. Because Lab Services delivers computing power to students’ devices, it doesn’t matter if they have specialized computers with extra graphics processing units (GPUs) or other enhancements. And instead of making appointments to help each student, instructors make their own reusable templates for each environment, saving significant configuration time with this self-service capability."

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