2022 with the Azure Certified Device program!


Dear valued device partners,


Our team wants to welcome you back to the Azure Certified Device program in 2022!

Whether you are certifying an IoT device for the first time, or returning to add more products to our Azure Certified Device catalog, we are excited to have you. This year, our certification will continue to grow to meet your requests and provide even greater value to customers looking to build great IoT solutions.

Follow this Tech Community channel to receive more updates on how our program will continue to evolve. You can look forward to exciting announcements, including:

  • Changes to the Azure Certified Device catalog
  • Updates to certification badges for more customer interests
  • And more!


Have content you'd be interested in seeing in our Tech Community to better help you certify your devices? Let us know in the comments down below!

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i like IoT but next stage we need device certified for IoB the Internet of Body