Create Whiteboard Tab in Teams
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This article to show how to use logic app to create a new Tab in teams of type whiteboard, this functionality could be useful if you want to automate the Teams channels 

Also, I am utilizing the action  HTTP with Azure AD which is an especially useful action since it can accept AAD authentication and can also be used with on-premises data gateway

There are three steps needed to create the whiteboard tap




Create a whiteboard using REST

  1. Create post request to as below


This step will generate a whiteboard ID that should be saved in a variable.




  "baseApi": "",
  "id": "92ed9612-547d-419b-b2a5-0b86b6576732",
  "userId": null,
  "folioId": "f8f11252-1e2a-4e8e-af81-46f036f69070",
  "title": "Whiteboardmo2021_4",
  "createdBy": "b8816ec5-52a7-4636-9934-1f354f664b21",
  "ownerId": "b8816ec5-52a7-4636-9934-1f354f664b21",
  "ownerTenantId": "b4c546a4-7dac-46a6-a7dd-ed822a11efd3",
  "isShared": false,
  "createdTime": "2021-06-30T15:45:08.7422297Z",
  "invitedTime": null,
  "personalLastModifiedTime": "2021-06-30T15:45:08.7422299Z",
  "lastModifiedTime": "2021-06-30T15:45:08.74223Z",
  "globalLastViewedTime": null,
  "lastViewedTime": null,
  "meetingId": null,
  "eTag": null




Share the Whiteboard

To be able to add the whiteboard to team the second step will be sharing the whiteboard

This can be done using the same Http connection in the first step.

The action needs to be of type Put









Note that the ID is taken from the first step

  1. The sharing step will generate a token id that need to be saved into variable as well.



Add the Tab.

  1. We need to call Graph API as below using new Http connection 


1-The team and channel IDs should be known

2- the display name for the tab

3-The team app id is fixed for whiteboard

4 – we need the whiteboard ID and the token to be part of the request


Below full request and response






    "displayName": "Whiteboardmo2021-06-30T15:45:10.3836689Z",
    "configuration": {
        "entityId": "",
        "removeUrl": null,





Full screenshot for the solution 



Creating the HTTP connector for whiteboard and GraphAPI






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