ARM template for creating API connection to On-Premise SQL
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ARM template definition for creating connection to on-premise SQL server from Logic Apps.

ARM Definition:

This can be tweaked according to how you define parameters in parameters file.

Here the possible authentication modes for SQL are :

Windows authentication: Authtype - Windows

SQL server authentication: Authtype- basic


   "type": "Microsoft.Web/connections",

   "apiVersion": "2018-07-01-preview",

   "name": "[parameters('sql_1_Connection_Name')]",

   "location": "[parameters('logicAppLocation')]",

   "properties": {

    "displayName": "[parameters('sql_1_Connection_DisplayName')]",

    "customParameterValues": {},

    "api": {

     "id": "[concat(subscription().id, '/providers/Microsoft.Web/locations/', parameters('logicAppLocation'), '/managedApis/', 'sql')]"


    "parameterValues": {

     "server": "[parameters('sql_1_server')]",

     "database": "[parameters('sql_1_database')]",

     "username": "[parameters('sql_1_username')]",

     "password": "[parameters('sql_1_password')]",

     "authType": "basic",

     "gateway": {

      "id": "/subscriptions/{{subscriptionId}}/resourceGroups/{{reosurceGroupName}}/providers/Microsoft.Web/connectionGateways/{{On-Premise DatagatewayName}}"



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