!! Announcement !! Logic Apps In-app connectors for IBM Mainframe and Midranges Generally Available
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We are pleased to announce the General Availability of the Azure Logic Apps Built-in connectors for IBM Mainframe and Midranges. The Azure Logic Apps connectors for IBM Mainframe and Midranges  are a set of technologies that allow customers to preserve the value of their workloads running on mainframes and midranges by allowing customers to extend them to the Azure Cloud, without investing more resources on the mainframe or midrange environments using Azure Logic Apps.


The Azure Logic Apps Built-in connectors for IBM Mainframe and Midranges included in this release are the following:


  • IBM 3270
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Host Files
  • IBM i
  • IBM MQ




Benefits Summary


No Mainframe or Midranges footprint required


The connectors don’t require mainframe or midranges footprint as the metadata design is conducted using the HIS Designer for Logic Apps, and VSCode or the Azure Portal for the Logic Apps workflow creation. These connectors require TCP/IP connectivity to the mainframe or midrange subsystems.


No licensing required


When using Azure Logic Apps Standard, built-in connectors are not priced separately. They will run on customer's compute resources and no have additional charges.


Proven and time tested core technologies


The Azure Logic Apps Built-in connectors for IBM Mainframe and Midranges leverage the core capabilities and maturity of Host Integration Server technologies for seamless integration with Mainframe and Midrange systems. Host Integration Server and SNA Server have been at the core of our mission critical customer for more than 30 years.


Expose your Mainframe and Midrange Programs as APIs 


Use Azure Logic Apps to expose your Mainframe and Midranges Integration workflows as REST APIs.


Higher availability of skilled resources in the market


Low-Code platform simplifies integration processes, making it easier to find skilled personnel and offers a lower learning curve.


Get started


To get started with integrating your mainframes and midranges with Azure, refer to the following documentation.


Watch the following video about this release:





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