Announcement!! Azure based Custom connectors support for Logic Apps Standard
Published May 08 2023 01:33 PM 3,011 Views

We are excited to announce the support for Azure managed custom connectors support for Logic Apps Standard !!


This allows you to now use your existing custom connectors from Logic Apps Standard along with Logic Apps consumption. If you are starting on Logic Apps Standard, this is a great option if your backend services or APIs are hosted in public.


Custom connector is an extension capability of Logic Apps platform that allows you to build connectors for services or applications for which out of box connectors are not available. This feature is particularly useful for connecting to your in-house services in the same way as other connectors. This article has details on how you can use custom connectors for services based on SOAP or OpenAPI definition.


Leveraging custom connector in your workflows is a two-step process

  • The first step is to Create the custom connector. This is a one-time activity unless you want to make any updates. The creation process is same regardless of where you want to use it (LA Standard or Consumption).
  • Leveraging custom connector and invoking operations from your Logic App workflows. The article links above has details on how the custom connectors can be used from Consumption Logic Apps. This is pretty much same experience from Logic Apps Standard too. Here are a few screenshots to make this more clear.


In the Logic Apps designer, add an action. To see all your custom connectors, select Custom in the Runtime dropdown menu. This would list all your custom connectors in that region.




Select your custom connector, and the operation or action you want to use. You will then be prompted to create the connection. The remaining experience remains same as shared in the link above.




Note: There are a few known issues for which fixes will be rolled out soon, but these should be non-blockers

  • When adding a new action, If your custom connector doesn’t show up in the list by default,
    • Search for it via the Search bar. We have a UI bug that may not return some connectors.
    • If it still doesn’t show up, update your custom connector. We had a backend issue due to some older custom connectors were not picked up as expected. By updating it, you update the timestamp and it will get picked up.
    • If the above two issues do not fix the problem, please open an issue at Github and tag me (@divyaswarnkar) to it.




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