Digital Certification Initiative for Azure HPC
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Customers and partners can now deploy their design and engineering applications with confidence with NVIDIA GPUs on the Azure High Performance Computing (HPC) + AI platform. Partnering with NVIDIA, we have launched a cloud validation initiative for HPC applications. With this effort, customers can access deployment configuration and associated application benchmarks on Azure.


How does this work?


In conjunction with our testing and validation partner, Cap Gemini, we have identified a set of prioritized applications on the Azure public cloud. Cap Gemini works with the respective software vendors to optimize application performance and produce performance results on Azure.  For each application


  • Capgemini is developing and publishing an individual whitepaper - highlighting recommended practices for optimization to guide customers’ journey on deploying NVIDIA GPU powered VMs on Azure.
  • Azure customers can now make informed decisions regarding cloud usage based on expected performance and key metrics


The validation efforts includes 3 key artifacts:

  • “How to” guides for set up and performance for each application
  • Benchmark results for relevant models and specifications
  • Azure consumption metrics for each application


How to get started?

Are you an ISV looking to test your application on Azure VMs ?


Here are the next steps you can take to get involved:

  • Reach out and get in contact with Azure Compute or email Cap Gemini at to have your application prioritized
  • Provide our partner, Cap Gemini, with a software license and model to complete the benchmark testing needed
  • Assign a technical resource to assist Cap Gemini and Azure in optimization efforts


Here is what our partners are saying:

“Altair is pleased to participate in this program with Microsoft and Cap Gemini. Having our solvers validated on the Azure infrastructure saves time and resources for Altair and provides an objective endorsement for our mutual customers running Altair workloads on Azure.”

  • Mike Pautz, Director Strategic Alliances, Altair

“Thanks to the great efforts by Microsoft to certify a multitude of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Engineering ISV applications, including Siemens NX and Altair UltraFluidX amongst others, customers can now deploy CAD and CAE workflows on Azure with confidence.”


  • Sean Young, Director Business Development, NVIDIA

At Azure we are committed to ease of migration of customers to the public cloud. We want to make this easy and as hassle free as possible. With the digital certification initiative, our partner ecosystem gets the benefits of validated results on Azure and taking advantage of our GTM sales motion to drive joint co-sales in the field – it becomes a win-win for all!!


“We invite our HPC AI ISV partners to participate in this program – it represents a commitment to our partners to grow their business by making it easy to onboard our shared customers to the cloud”

  • Kurt Niebuhr, Principal Program Manager, Azure Core






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