JSON support for Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise Tiers Now Generally Available!
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We are excited to announce the general availability of JSON support on the Enterprise and Enterprise Flash tiers of Azure Cache for Redis. Check out the details below to learn about the feature overview, benefits, use cases, and how to get started. And sign up for the JSON webinar on January 17th


Working with Redis and JSON Documents

Support for JSON documents in Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise tiers is delivered via the RedisJSON module in collaboration with Redis Inc.©; which turns Redis into a high-performance NoSQL document store streamlining how developers build modern applications. These new capabilities simplify common Redis real-time use cases like storing product catalogs or user profile data. Developers can now natively store JSON documents, add items to a collection or map, and JSONPath support —all using a single atomic operation. The integrated indexing and querying of JSON data are delivered via RediSearch which is also available in Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise tiers. 

The benefits of leveraging these new capabilities include 

  • Native support for JSON: No more converting JSON data to and from strings. Simplifies working with JSON data including subpart updates. 
  • High Performance: Purpose-built using in-memory data structures to deliver performance and scalability. 
  • Compatibility with RediSearch: RedisJSON works seamlessly with RediSearch (also available in Azure Cache for Redis) to let you index and query your JSON documents. 
  • Enterprise-Grade: Enjoy continued operations and minimal downtime. And much more including:  
  • Full support for the JSON standard 
  • JSONPath syntax for selecting, updating, and reading project elements inside documents 
  • Documents are stored as binary data in a tree structure, allowing fast access to sub-elements 
  • Typed atomic operations for all JSON value types 

Use Cases 

Now that Redis provides native support for JSON, it expands the possibilities of the modernization of relational database management services by leveraging the benefits of Redis caching. Listed below are some scenarios on how Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise and Enterprise Flash customers have leveraged this capability to drive efficiency throughout their applications 

  • Caching: Use Redis as a high-speed cache to store frequently accessed JSON data and manipulate sub-elements using atomic operations. 
  • Query Accelerator: Deploy Redis as an in-memory data fabric on top of a data store(s) to accelerate queries while offloading production systems. 
  • Product Cataloging: Quickly manage, index, and search thousands of products with different SKUs and attributes across your product catalog  


Next Step

Learn more about using JSON natively in Redis at an immersive webinar on January 17th. Experts from Microsoft and Redis will dive into the capabilities of RedisJSON and show real-world examples. Register Now! 


Additional Information 

For more additional information on Azure Cache for Redis, RedisJSON, and Redis, please see the resources linked below.  

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