Azure Database for MySQL Import for Azure DB for MySQL - Single to Flexible Server migration
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Our flagship offering, Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server, is well-positioned to serve as the best platform for hosting your MySQL workloads, offering maximum control and flexibility to Azure Database for MySQL Import uses snapshot backup and restores technology to offer a simple and fast migration path to restore the source server's physical data files to the target server. Based on user-inputs, it takes up the responsibility of provisioning your target Flexible Server and then taking the backup of the source server and restoring it on the target.

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The key features of Azure Database for MySQL Import include the following: 

  • Supports Azure Database for MySQL - Single Server as data source.
  • Provisions target Flexible Server and consequently triggers import.
  • Supports schema, data and logins import.
  • Fast data backup and restore to target, suitable for bigger workloads.
  • [NEW] Supports near-zero downtime migration where users can first perform an offline import operation and consequently can set up data-in replication between source and target to perform an online migration.
  • [NEW] Supports migration for all compatible firewall rules from MySQL Single to Flexible Server instance.


For more information about using Azure Database for MySQL Import for migration of workloads to Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server, see the following documentation:


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