[UI Only] Event Trigger Renamed to Storage Event Trigger
Published Mar 01 2021 06:49 PM 2,266 Views

As we public preview the new Custom Event Trigger, that processes and responds to Custom Topics in Event Grid, we are making one minor change to the beloved Event topic: we are renaming the trigger to Storage Event trigger, to better convey its use cases and capabilities.


Storage event trigger kick offs pipelines based on events such as the arrival or deletion of a file in your Azure Storage account. The trigger supports both Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and General-purpose version 2 storage accounts.


To create a Storage event trigger, in ADF UI portal, select Storage event in the trigger type drop down menu



Similarly, the monitoring tab is renamed to Storage Events under Trigger run monitoring page

Storage Event Trigger - 01 Monitoring View.png


3 Key points for renaming:

  1. The renaming only impacts UI experience: in that instead of selecting Event Trigger, customers should select Storage event trigger
  2. Renaming has no impact on existing triggers. Backward compatibility is guaranteed
  3. Renaming has no impact on JSON definitions, or SDK usage. For JSON definition, trigger type remains "BlobEventsTrigger". SDK and JSON editing users will not be impacted by this change
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