Synapse Data Flows Enables Direct Workspace DB Connector
Published Aug 14 2021 09:00 AM 3,727 Views

Azure Synapse Analytics Data Flows has enabled Direct Workspace DB Connector as a public preview. This new connector type in data flows enables data engineers to quickly and easily build ETL processes using Spark-based lake databases in Synapse without the need to first create linked services or datasets.




By using Synapse Analytics for your end-to-end big data analytics projects, you can now define lake database tables using Spark Notebooks, then open the visual data flow designer graph environment and immediately access those tables and data for ETL pipeline building. This new Workspace DB process eliminates the need to create ADF-based linked services and datasets inside of your Synapse workspace studio UI because Synapse is providing the complete integrated experience for data engineers in a single pane of glass.


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