Get metadata driven data ingestion pipelines on ADF within 10 minutes
Published Jul 08 2021 08:29 PM 12.3K Views

Now you can build large-scale data copy pipelines with metadata-driven approach on copy data tool within 10 minutes ! 


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When you want to copy huge amounts of objects (for example, thousands of tables) or load data from large variety of sources to Azure, the appropriate approach is to input the name list of the objects with required copy behaviors in a control table, and then use parameterized pipelines to read the same from the control table and apply them to the jobs accordingly. By doing so, you can maintain (for example, add/remove) the objects list to be copied easily by just updating the object names in control table instead of redeploying the pipelines. What’s more, you will have single place to easily check which objects copied by which pipelines/triggers with defined copy behaviors.


Copy data tool in ADF eases the journey of building such metadata driven data copy pipelines. After you go through an intuitive flow from a wizard-based experience, the tool can generate parameterized pipelines and SQL scripts for you to create external control tables accordingly. After you run the generated scripts to create the control table in your SQL database, your pipelines will read the metadata from the control table and apply them on the copy jobs automatically.


You can get more details here.

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