Data Factory Azure Policy integration is live now
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We are very exited to announce that Data Factory Azure Policy integration is live now! There are several built-in policies that you can assign to your data factory to ensure resource consistency, regulatory compliance, and security.

Azure Policy is a service in Azure that enables you to create, assign, and manage policies that control or audit your resources. These policies enforce different rules and effects over your resource configurations so that those configurations stay compliant with corporate standards. 


Create a policy assignment to Data Factory
1. Launch the **Azure Policy** service in the Azure portal.
2. Select **Definitions** on the left side of the Azure Policy page. Choose your subscription ID as **scope** and **Data Factory** as Category. Then you will see several built-in policies.
3. On the **Assign Policy** page, set the **Scope** by selecting the ellipsis and then selecting either a management group or subscription. Optionally, select a resource group. A scope determines what resources or grouping of resources the policy assignment gets enforced on. Then use the **Select** button at the bottom of the Scope page.

ADF Policy.png

For more details about how to assign a policy, please see Create a policy assignment to identify non-compliant resources 


Next steps

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