Data Factory adding ORC and SQL MI (preview) for ADF Data Flows and Synapse Data Flows

Published Sep 24 2020 05:09 PM 2,848 Views

Next week, the Microsoft Azure Data Factory team will release 2 new native data flow connectors to continue to make it easier for you to perform direct data transformation directly against data sources in data flows from Azure Data Factory and Synapse Analytics. Direct connectors to data flows in ADF and Synapse makes it super easy to build no-code visual ETL processes with cloud-scale data transformations.


The documentation links for these connectors will be updated along with the ADF UI to automatically show the availability of Azure SQL MI and ORC in data flows next week: 


Note that SQL MI is in public preview because we do not yet have the ability to leverage private endpoints in Azure SQL MI, which is the mechanism used by the Azure Integration Runtime to provide vnet security for your data sources in ADF. Therefore, we are only supporting public endpoints with SQL MI in data flows until that feature is released in Azure SQL MI. Once that happens, we can support private Azure SQL MI connections and support the connector as Generally Available.

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