ADF connector updates: Azure Data Explorer, SFTP, REST and HTTP
Published Mar 25 2021 06:06 PM 4,401 Views

Azure Data Factory adds new authentication mechanisms in Azure Data Explorer, SFTP, REST and HTTP connectors to provide you more flexible and secure ways to access the data stores.


Azure Data Explorer connector adds managed identity authentication

When you copy data from/to Azure Data Explorer (ADX), look up data or invoke ADX command, you can now use managed identity authentication in addition to service principal authentication. Learn more about Azure Data Explorer connector.



SFTP connector adds multi-factor authentication

Data Factory enables multi-factor authentication for SFTP connector so as to fulfill enterprise’s advanced security requirement. You can now access your SFTP server using multi-factor authentication which requires both username/password and SSH key. Learn more about SFTP connector.



REST and HTTP connectors add authentication header in linked service

REST and HTTP connectors have been supporting custom request header settings at activity level. While if your request leverages the header for authentication, you would need to specify the secret in plain text and also duplicate this setting in each activity.

Now you have a new option to configure such auth header once and in secure manner in linked service, which support referencing secret in Azure Key Vault or inline encryption like we do for other credentials. On the UI, you can choose from the pre-populated well-known auth headers or input your own. Auth header can work in conjunction with supported authentication types. And you can keep configuring additional headers in activity as usual for non-auth functionalities. Learn more about REST connector and HTTP connector.


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