Implement hybrid and multicloud with Cloud Adoption Framework

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The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure guides your entire cloud journey through best practice guidance. Achieve the right business outcomes for your organization, implementing business and technical strategies throughout the cloud adoption lifecycle. We are continually adding new content as we learn through the experience of our field engineers, partners, and customers. We are excited to introduce a new customer journey in the framework that provides guidance for hybrid and multicloud adoption scenarios.


Unlock flexibility, agility, and scale with hybrid and multicloud

As businesses accelerate cloud innovation, there continues to be increasing technology investment in on-premises infrastructure (local data centers, branch offices, and edge platforms), and increasing adoption of the cloud across multiple providers. The hybrid and multicloud approach connects on-premises infrastructure to diverse cloud infrastructure—extending innovations like simplified cloud management and consistent cloud services.

This rich infrastructure empowers organizations with the flexibility, agility, and scale they need to drive innovation. It also adds complexity to management and operations processes of asset portfolios across different hybrid platforms, and customers face three key needs when adopting a hybrid and multicloud approach, as a result:

  • Visibility: Customers need visibility into the health of their existing, as well as future infrastructure and applications, in a single pane of glass.
  • Compliance: Many customers want to maintain consistent governance, compliance, and organizational regulations and policies. Customers can extend unified cloud management across environments, applying consistent governance policies and operational control processes to resources scattered across heterogeneous environments
  • Integration: There are a wide range of skills across on-premises and cloud, since organizations often have different app development teams. Customers are looking for consistent interoperability between the two so they can unify development practices.


Address hybrid and multicloud needs with unified operations

Unified operations centrally governs, manages, and operates your resources regardless of where they live, whether on-premises, edge or multicloud platforms, reducing duplication in cloud platform utilities around governance, security, and operations tooling. In implementing unified operations, a single enterprise control plane extends across your organization's distributed assets, bringing consistent management, application development, and cloud services to any infrastructure, anywhere, at scale. In the case of Azure, that single control plane is Azure Arc, which extends the same controls and operational processes used to govern the Azure cloud to other public clouds, private clouds, and the edge.

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Get started with implementing hybrid and multicloud?

As mentioned earlier, the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure guides your cloud journey across different phases of defining your strategy, creating your plan, preparing your environment, migrating to the cloud, and governing and managing your cloud portfolio.

We are releasing new content in the Cloud Adoption Framework that provides guidance specific to hybrid and multicloud adoption scenarios, including unified operations. This guidance will walk you through the stages of the cloud journey as defined in the Framework, and share best practice content for every stage, so you can successfully implement a hybrid and multicloud approach. The content includes business considerations, landing zone design considerations, and governance and management practices to help you implement a successful hybrid and multicloud architecture.



Beyond the content in the Framework, the guidance in the hybrid and multicloud scenario includes assets and resources that provide a complete set of guidance as you implement your hybrid and multicloud approach, including:

Microsoft Learn content for hybrid and multicloud scenarios, including learning modules for Hybrid, Azure Arc, and Azure Stack.

Reference architectures specific to hybrid and multicloud, including scenarios such as hybrid security, hybrid networking, hybrid identity, and more.

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework guidance for effectively operating your workloads across hybrid environments, aligning with best practices for cost optimization, operational excellence, security, performance efficiency, and reliability.

Best practices to rapidly onboard resources to hybrid environments. These include step-by-step guides for independent Azure Arc scenarios that incorporate as much automation as possible, detailed screenshots with code samples, and a rich and comprehensive experience while getting started with the Azure Arc platform.

Featured product documentation covering product-specific technical guidance on hybrid-related products, including Azure Arc, Azure Stack HCI, Azure IoT Edge, and more.


More hybrid and multicloud learning resources

Check out the Ignite 2021 pre-recorded session on Implementing hybrid and multicloud approach with cloud adoption framework. This session provides an overview of content covered in the hybrid and multicloud scenario as part of the Cloud Adoption Framework. There is also an episode on the hybrid and multicloud approach, recently published as part of the Azure Enablement show, that covers key topics related to your cloud journey. Lastly, check out this new content on hybrid and multicloud, and let us know what you think!







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