New Update Experience for Mac available in Edge Beta / Dev / Canary


Getting updates timely and smoothly is key to keeping web browsers secure. It also helps you try new experiences sooner on a fast-moving browser like Microsoft Edge.


Since Microsoft Edge launched on MacOS, we have heard your feedback on the update experience on Mac devices, specifically:

  • Having to update through Microsoft AutoUpdate can be confusing, especially since it typically is used to update the Office suite applications.



  • edge://settings/help was not always consistent with Microsoft AutoUpdate in showing update availability
  • Update experience was not rapid: when you close and then reopen your browser when a new update is available, you will need to wait until the update is applied before browser restarts.


We are now excited to announce an improved update experience on Mac to address your feedback, making updating faster and smoother. This experience is currently rolled out to Mac users (both Intel and M1 users) on Beta versions higher than 93.0.961.11, Dev versions higher than 91.0.852.0 or Canary versions higher than 90.0.816.0 behind a feature flag. 


Here are some highlights of the new experience:

  • The new update experience is now Edge-native. It will solely be responsible for updating Edge-related products and will not be affected (e.g. blocked) by other pending product updates. Updates will happen automatically and silently, and no out-of-Edge notifications/toasts will be shown.
  • Update sizes are now reduced by as much as 80% on average! This speeds up updates by over two thirds! 
  • edge://settings/help now more consistently reflects update status and allows seamless updates. In-app update notifications are promptly reflected when an update becomes available.



  • When you restart the browser when an update is available, your browser will now instantly relaunch with the updated version rather than wait for update to be applied. 

New Mac Update.gif



As always, please do not hesitate to send any feedback on the update experience our way so that we can make your experience better! You can do so by selecting the "send feedback" button or going to … menu -> Help and Feedback -> send feedback. 



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@Olivia_Zhang Hi, what's the feature flag? I'm on 91.0.822.0 and can't find anything related to update at edge://flags/

@Tero Alhonen Hi Tero, look for msMicrosoftEdgeTestMacUpdate under edge://version/?show-variations-cmd. It's not surfaced under edge://flags since it can't be turned off.


@Olivia_Zhang thanks, now I'm seeing an error


How can we mange the new updates? Where can i find the new Polices for this?
Thank you very much, this is very good.
I tested Edge on Mac on a VMware virtual machine a couple of months ago, the update experience wasn't as smooth as Windows version, but now with this change, everything works as expected.

@Tero Alhonen I am also seeing the same error that you are seeing.  


@Olivia_Zhang is this a known issue with this new upgrading feature?  FYI:  I submitted this bug report with screenshot via "Send Feedback"


Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 9.07.32 PM.png



@Deleted @Tero Alhonen 

Thank you for your feedback. We have identified the issue and should be able to release the fix very soon, will keep you updated!

@Olivia_Zhang Is there any new update experience for Windows?

@Deleted  @Tero Alhonen 


Fix is in the latest Canary version 91.0.828.0. Please take the fix by either

1. Updating to latest version of Canary through Microsoft AutoUpdate, or

2. Uninstalling Canary and reinstall from


Note you might need to relaunch the browser a few times for the experimentation to apply. Thank you again for your feedback!

We are working on enabling policies for this new update experience. Currently enterprise users will not move to the new experience. Thank you for supporting Edge!
Glad to hear! Thank you for the feedback
Windows experience will stay unchanged for the moment. Do let us know if you have any suggestions / feedback, thank you!

@Olivia_Zhang Works like a charm now. Thanks very much Olivia!


Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 22.57.31.png


Cc @gregburlingame 

@Olivia_Zhang Worked great for me today too!  I think this is a much better experience, a nice improvement.

@Olivia_Zhang hi, i wanna know when will this feature be supported in the stable version? Is there a clear version number or schedule? thank you!


@Olivia_Zhang When can we expect this to be released on the stable channel?

It's frustrating whenever there's a new update released, the browser basically never going to open itself after the update, even by clicking the app icon. I have to force quit the MSEdge in Activity Monitor to get it to works again.

Thank you for sharing this exciting news @Olivia_Zhang .
I'm wondering if this has been rolled out to stable release, now I'm running Version 91.0.864.37 (Official build) (x86_64), and has manually removed MAU from my laptop. When I open edge://settings/help, it's stuck in Checking for updates, even for days.