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This post is authored by @Mimi Gentz, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft.


You may have heard that Microsoft has a free learning platform that offers interactive material to help you up-level your skills. But did you know Azure HDInsight has a whole learning path, with over three hours of material available for you to learn how Azure HDInsight can meet your businesses growing need for analytics?


Whether you’re new to cloud scale analytics, interested in migrating your on-premises analytics to the cloud, or even if you’ve gone in depth with one of the open source technologies Azure HDInsight integrates with, this course will show you the benefits of using each of the cluster types available on Azure HDInsight, what scenarios work best with each technology, and how to integrate those technologies with visualization tools such as Power BI and Jupyter Notebooks.


There are currently six modules in the Building Open Source Software (OSS) Analytical Solutions with Azure HDInsight learning path (with more to come), and in this blog we’ll take a look at what you’ll learn in each one. Think of a module as a chapter in a book, and the learning path as the whole book. Throughout each module you’ll complete tutorials, read, and fill in short quizzes to check your learning.


Keep in mind that you can complete these modules at your own pace. Once you create a Learn profile and sign-in, your progress will be automatically tracked by the Learn site, and you’ll earn XP (experience points) as you go. As you complete modules and learning paths, you’ll earn badges and a trophy that you can share on social media to impress all your friends!



What will you learn in each module?

  1. In the Introduction module, you’ll learn how analytics (using open-source frameworks such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Interactive Query, and Apache Kafka) is implemented within Azure HDInsight, how storage and processing are decoupled (to save you money), and how Azure HDInsight, unlike its competitors, has a unique ability to support business processes that require multiple workloads.


  1. In the Choose the correct HDInsight Configuration to build open-source analytics solutions module, you’ll learn which HDInsight cluster type to select to best support your scenario and which processing and analysis business requirements Azure HDInsight supports. Additionally, you’ll walk through a sample case study to determine the best HDInsight cluster configuration to choose, and you’ll learn about some of the cost saving measures HDInsight provides.


  1. In the Creating and configuring a HDInsight cluster module, you’ll create an Azure HDInsight cluster in the Azure portal, create a Jupyter notebook that is linked to that cluster, run some queries on the data to create visual representations, monitor your cluster, and learn how to troubleshoot common issues.


  1. In the Perform advanced streaming data transformations with Apache Spark and Kafka in Azure HDInsight module, you’ll learn about common scenarios where Kafka and Spark can be used for real-time analytics and structured streaming, you’ll create a VNet and add a Spark and Kafka cluster to it, then you’ll create a Kafka producer and stream the data into a Jupyter notebook.

  2. In the Perform Zero ETL analytics with HDInsight Interactive Query module, you’ll learn how Interactive Query is great for ad-hoc analytics with minimal transformations, you’ll create an Interactive Query cluster in the Azure Portal, upload data using Data Analytics Studio, explore Hive tables using a Zeppelin notebook, and create a Power BI dashboard for evaluating real estate trends in the sample data.  


  1. In the Manage enterprise security in HDInsight module, you’ll learn about the shared responsibility model, Network Security Groups (NSGs), HDInsight Service Tags, VNets, operating system security, authentication with AAD and MFA, authorization of specific actions and operations, data access security, Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, virtual network service endpoints, and customer-managed keys. 



Get started by going to Building Open Source Software (OSS) Analytical Solutions with Azure HDInsight and starting your learning path today. Feel free to post your feedback, issues, or requests about HDInsight learning content to this page or via the Feedback channel.





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