"Stop" translated wrong in Irish Gaelic

"Stop" translated wrong in Irish Gaelic



 Aug 07 2018
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I discovered this last week and it's been bothering me ever since - when you make a sound or video recording in Microsoft OneNote 2016, the button that reads stop in English, actually reads Beenden in the Irish Gaelic language pack. My issue with this is that Beenden is the wrong language, specifically, German. The correct Irish translation should be either stop or stad.


Hi @Lachlan McKenna Thanks for reporting this and including the screenshot. We'll investigate and update you here and in the Report Translation Issues Dashboard.


Hi @Lachlan McKenna thanks for pointing this out. It seems it has been there for a few years and you are the first person to tell us about it. We have fixed it in our fileset now for Office 365 subscribers. It should be out to Office 365 in next months update. We are working on getting it backported to perpetual Office 2016 customers. We cannot thank you enough for pointing it out to us.

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