"Present" mistranslated in Wlesh

"Present" mistranslated in Wlesh



 Nov 26 2022
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The "Present in Teams" button in PowerPoint 365 has been mistranslated in Welsh. The current translation ("Yn presennol yn Teams") uses the adjective (i.e., "is present") rather than the verb (i.e., "to present"). The correct translation should be "Cyflwyno yn Teams".


Thanks @Gabbro 

I have passed it on to the translation team to address.

Many thanks for letting us know!



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Thanks for passing the message on, @Stafford Quaid. Is this the best way to pass on other translation mistakes? I occasionally come across similar mistakes, and while it's never a big deal if reporting them would help improve the translations I'm happy to do so. I actually appreciate the fact that it has been translated into Welsh at all!


Hi @Gabbro,

 If this is Teams specific then we would suggest using the give feedback feature in Teams...


Bottom left of Teams click the help (?) icon then give feedback

Teams bug report 1.jpg

And then please fill in the details about the issue, what you think the translation should be, your email (if you want to share it), and then upload an image of the issue and then send to Microsoft.

Teams bug report 2.jpg


Thanks again and we hope you have a great Christmas!