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I was previously told that Microsoft had introduced and trained the "base" speech model with around ~5K medical terms.  Does Microsoft have any plans to introduce or train the "base" speech model with more healthcare specific terminology? If so, when?

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@Nathan Hess Hi Nathan, thanks for the question! Please stay tuned as there are plans for industry-specific support. If you have an active use case, we can try our best to connect you to the right team. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or you can fill out the survey below, and there is an option to provide preferred contact method for more info:

Thanks @wmendoza. Looking specifically for more healthcare related content/support. Is there a good way to stay informed about updates made to your "base" speech model in terms of supporting more industry specific terminology? I haven't seen these things published in release notes in the past, which is why I am asking.

@Nathan Hess thanks great feedback- we can be sure to include in release notes but also in Azure Updates.

 To answer the specific question- there is currently a plan for models trained specifically for Healthcare that would be available via custom speech, with the ability to further train your models, so please do stay tuned over the next few months.