Watch Azure Video Analyzer videos in Power BI
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Do you use video analytics to enhance your business operations? Ever wondered how you could improve your dashboards with a video playback experience?


Contoso Ltd. is a globally recognized supermarket chain with brick-and-mortar stores in more than 15 countries. Contoso aims to increase sales while improving customer satisfaction at its stores by leveraging Vision AI models. The company uses live camera feed from its IoT enabled camera devices installed at strategic areas in a store to monitor entry-exit doors, refrigerator areas and cash counter queues to gauge how busy each store is in real-time. 


Using Microsoft Azure Video Analyzer and other Azure services, Contoso’s Digital Advisory Team quickly puts in place a sophisticated and highly scalable solution for analyzing live camera feeds. The ability to playback Azure Video Analyzer videos in Microsoft Power BI dashboard enables Contoso to view multiple camera feeds in the same UI. This in an easy-to-use and customizable solution with low development effort increasing store manager efficiency.


Azure Video Analyzer provides a platform to build intelligent video applications that span the edge and the cloud. You can capture, record, and analyze live video along with publishing the video and associated inference metadata to the Azure Video Analyzer cloud resource. Video Analyzer offers a Player Widget to playback video and enables visualization of AI metadata overlaid on video.


Dashboards are an insightful way of monitoring your business and viewing all your most important metrics at a glance. Microsoft Power BI dashboard is a powerful tool to combine video from multiple cameras as a low-code solution. In this blog, you will learn how to add one or more player widgets to a dashboard using Power BI web service.


Overview of steps to playback video in Power BI: 

  1. Deploy Azure Video Analyzer to capture and record video from cameras 
  2. Create a Power BI dashboard or reuse existing one 
  3. Embed Azure Video Analyzer player widget into the Power BI dashboard 

Step-by-step instructions in the form of a complete tutorial can be found here. Follow the tutorial to embed one ore more player widgets in Power BI as shown in the screenshot below - 




Watch this space for upcoming features in Azure Video Analyzer and Power BI integration. 

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