Unlock Limitless Creativity with DALL·E 2: Elevate Your PowerApps with Imaginative Images
Published Apr 13 2023 12:43 AM 23.8K Views

This article helps how to use Dall-e 2 API to create images from textual description.

Start with Dall-e 2 account

Jumpstart Your Creativity with Dall-E 2: Get 50 Free Credits to Create, Tweak, and Generate Image Variants!

  1. Create a free account: Sign up for an account on the OpenAI website to access DALL-E 2. Upon signing up, you will receive 50 credits initially, with an additional set of 15 credits added every month. Note that free credits cannot be carried forward.

  2. Explore the web application: DALL-E 2 is available as a web application, which you can directly access from your internet browser. Once logged in, you can start using the AI image generation function through the web application's interface.

 Create a PowerApp

  • TextInput to type the prompt
  • Button to trigger the Power automate
    Set OnSelect property: 
    Set(imageurl, OpenAIDalle.Run(imagePromptTextInput.Text))
    where OpenAIDalle is the name of the PowerAutomate workflow
  • Media Type Image to display the image returned from Dall-e Power automate




Create a PowerAutomate

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