Year of Yammer (YoY) - Hints or guesses?

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I see the announcement for Year of Yammer... for an aging, mature product like Yammer, it is interesting that they are making some fanfare out of Yammer. It seems like it would take a LOT to make it the Year of Yammer at Microsoft.


What happened to the Year of LinkedIn or the Year of Teams?


Any guesses what is up with Yammer?



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@Rob O'Keefe Yes, it would take a lot. And if there isn't a lot, that hype would blow up in Microsoft's face. That would be really dumb.


Interesting you noted the term "aging" and I am thinking about the Future of SharePoint event a couple years ago. That was an aging product, too. But they made some big changes to the product. I expect similar, fundamental updates to the product to live up to that level of confident promotion.


This is going to be really huge for Yammer and it's users.

@Kevin Crossman  I hope so!!! Thanks for your post!