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Since this week, I can't connect to Yammer anymore with my business email.
My usual connection window changes when I put my address, and redirect me to the Microsoft login.
Sadly, my business email is not recognized by Microsoft login.
I contacted my business administrator who told me Yammer is not managed by the company, which I doubt.
I don't know who to contact to resolve my issue.


Thank you for your help

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@Vincent_LM "business administrator"? Not the IT Administrator?   It's possible your org has not enabled Yammer. But the best way to know that would be to talk to the team managing your O365 tenant.

Thank you for your answer @Kevin Crossman.

I meant IT team, not business team, sorry for the confusion.

My IT team assures me that they have nothing to do with the change of login (from native yammer login to office 365 login) and that I should directly see this problem with microsoft. Can you confirm me that my IT team is in charge of this change (we have an Office 365 offer) or how can I contact Microsoft to exchange on this matter ?


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@Vincent_LM Without digging into your entire org structure it's hard to say.  If you IT team doesn't support Yammer you probably are in a bit of a pickle, because Microsoft support questions usually go through your IT department (at least a most orgs).


Things that might help: are there other users of Yammer who you can get together to go to IT with your troubles with? Especially, are there are any folks higher in the org structure? IT might listen to them...