Yammer welcome message for new users displays job_title instead of name




for about two weeks the Yammer welcome message for new users "[Username] has #joined the [company] network. Take a moment to welcome [firstname]." has been displaying the job_title placeholder instead of the name.


So everybody sees the welcome message as [job_title] has #joined the [company] network. Take a moment to welcome [firstname].


Our users come from local AD and the attribute that holds what Yammer calls "job_title" is named "title". In AzureAD it's called "JobTitle".


Is there a way to change the mapping of the fields or correct this in any way?


Thanks a lot.



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I've just spoken with the Microsoft Yammer support. Of course this behaviour is by design.

job_title is always displayed as the first part of the welcome message.


I mentioned that this makes littles sense from a grammar perspective as (NewUser) has #joined the [company] network. Take a moment to welcome [firstname]. Is not a proper sentence.


I was then redirected to the Yammer user voice where I created a new suggestion.


Feel free to support the idea.