Yammer Web Part in Modern Pagers on SharePoint Online not working

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Hi all,


I'm trying to add a Yammer Web Part to a modern page on SharePoint Online. I'm the GA for the tenant and the Yammer network seems to be ok.

Each time we add it it comes up with the error 'Something went wrong' immediately without giving any other options. Clicking the edit pencil doesn't offer anywhere to change any options.






There are further details (looks like a lot of .js code) - the first part is copied below.


Any help appreciated, thanks


Something went wrong

If the problem persists, contact the site administrator and give them the information in Technical Details.


ERROR: Cannot read property 'match' of undefined CALL STACK: TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of undefined
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We are seeing the same problem.

Same problem here, in The Netherlands. Is there already a case by Microsoft? 

Same issue here, found that opening dev tools gets it to load correctly - don't ask me why, enjoy ;)

Thanks for the pointer.


Forgive me for asking, but which Dev Tools?

You mean the browser dev tools.  


Just tested that on Chrome - works a treat.  Thank you, at least now we have a workaround.

Further to this.


Whilst the suggestion of opening dev tools (on Edge or Chrome) allows the web part to display properly I can not save, nor publish with the webpart in the page.


The error message is 'Could not save your changes - We're sorry we encountered an unexpected error....... please contact your administrator' 

Final update (from my POV).


This may have been mid-roll out for our tenant as it is working now.

On the Office 365 roadmap it does show as roll out in progress.


Thanks for all your suggestions and sorry for what appears to have been a minor wild goose chase.