Yammer VS SharePoint News Feature for Corporate Communications, Announcements etc.,



Hi All,   Looking for some insight and your practical experiences on this subject.


We are thinking of leveraging Microsoft 365 services besides Outlook, for sharing corporate communications and updates to all company users. we have two options: Yammer or Modern SharePoint Communications site with News pages. Both has some pros and cons, and maybe both needs to be leveraged for the best outcome, so wanted to solicit your insight and take on this. 


With SharePoint Online:  

1) We can nicely write up the news articles or announcements with images, videos etc. and share to the company users or some selected users. The news pages (articles, announcements) can be displayed on the main page with the News Web Parts  nicely and those pages can be found easily at any given time. Users simply can bookmark the main communication site. And, those news pages are also displayed on the M365 SharePoint main page. so that is neat. 


2) The news pages can be sent to all  company users via the mailing option on the news page, however, it lacks the feature of showing the communication is from the Corporate Communications team or  On behalf of, so it can be shown as it is being sent on behalf of someone, i.e. CEO, President, VP etc., when necessary. This is important to to show who is sending the news or update as it emphasizes the importance of the news or updates. The lack of this feature holding us using SharePoint News feature for company users.


With New Yammer - All Company Community

1) New Yammer starting to looking great and there are tons of updates coming down the pipe and Microsoft says this would be ideal place for corporate communications and updates but there are still many glitches and lack of functionalities that is making us thinking twice.


Currently, when you post a news announcement, there's no way to display the name of the poster as 'Corporate Communications', so this is not good. I'm aware that the 'On behalf of' feature in new Yammer coming in the very near future and would be helpful to share something on behalf of someone, i.e. CEO, President, VP etc., but that's not same as to show the message is straight from the Corporate Communications team, We want to show the name Corporate Communications for any announcement coming from that team, not from 'On behalf of' someone.


2) The news announcements gets buried in piles of other previous announcements, though you can use the pin feature now to pin an announcement on the top but it does not work out as sometimes you want to see the links to all other previous news articles quickly which you can't do in Yammer now. The Pinned feature (on the right rail) for showing links is very very weak and you can't simply move the links up and down and edit those without deleting and recreating those and start over. Because of this modern SharePoint site is ideal. and you can actually use the comment feature there too to solicit comments. 


So trying to see what's your take on this. Thanks 



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@Monir You have a good handle on the pros and cons.


Note that you could create a faux user/"service account" named Corporate Communications and have that "user" login to Yammer. This is less authentic but if you truly want the posts to be nameless and faceless...


I think the choice depends most on whether you expect/want to have a lot of end-user comments and organic sharing of posts. If not, then SP News is an intranet style hub for corporate news including comments/likes. Yammer is better if you want to embrace open communications and allow for communities of interest to form.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks. 


I think that's the only solution we have now that you mentioned  that is "create a faux user/"service account" named Corporate Communications and have that "user" login to Yammer." 

And, I think this approach can also be used for SharePoint News Posting to show it's from Corporate Communications" team.


If the SharePoint News and/ or Yammer can be used for corporate communications purposes (like Microsoft often preaches)  then these concerns need to be addressed properly, otherwise, companies will stick to other tools and services that works for them.

@Monir I prefer SharePoint News as when you search for content in SharePoint or Office 365 the search results can be filtered to News, Document sites etc. This filtering to just News results makes it is easy to resurface content. The Yammer search is independent so no Yammer results are returned.  

SharePoint online news is also better as you can push an send a new post to a Yammer community or email or use a connector to add to a connected Team site or add the news page to a tab in teams. You can then create your news digests to email to users, Yammer community or Team channel.


If the sender is important then as other people have stated then create a separate account that will allow you to send with a name of 'corporate communications', 'CEO' etc

@Deleted and with the new "Share to Yammer" feature in SharePoint, you don't have to choose. Send it as a SharePoint news post, then send it to the Yammer community you want. You can now add styling, select the community and post type, and use rich text as well. (see attached graphic)

@Michael Holste yes it a great new feature that I use. hence why I said I prefer to create communications in SharePoint News first then share to Yammer using the feature you mentioned

 Thank you @Deleted 



SharePoint News definitely is the better choice now for sending / sharing news where it is a smaller or larger audience. It provides the easy way to create and organize news articles. 


Yes, the sender is important when the news/update is coming from the corp communication team as formal news / update.  We'll be lookin into creating  a separate account as a workaround, but hoping this can be addressed by MS.


@Michael Holste  yes, the Send to Yammer is good feature but yet it does not render the post nicely as it shows the long link to the page on the post. If you just copy the link and post directly from Yammer you can get rid of the link with some nice description. So there are room for improvements..



Hi all ..
Wondering, has anyone tried a shared mailbox to be used for making posts/announcements etc., in Yammer? Can the shared mailbox be even configured to use in Yammer for this purposes? We can assign appropriate license to that shared mailbox, but will that work? Thanks
Shared Mailboxes cannot be used. But a "service account" that looks like a person to M365 but has a generic name ("Employee Communications") and a set of users with shared access to the login/password does work.
Thank you, @kevin. That’s what I thought too but wanted to double check. And yes, it needed to be used by a set of people.

Well, this is an interesting and enlightening little post! Thanks' to all who've commented so far.


Just trying to get my head around what's changed in the way of 'best practice' and 'intended use' for SharePoint since the release of  'The New Yammer'.


I've worked with SharePoint since before I had a driver's license, and have recently been loving the new features and dev related within the platform related to News/Corporate Comm's etc.  


Now I am totally confused....... I get the concept of how and why and when it should be used instead of SharePoint/Teams/Outlook/Owl/Carrier Pidgeon etc and am pretty excited about it!


I just cant seem to find or get my head around where the 'best practice' line should be drawn in relation to news/comms etc.?


Doe's anyone have a good resource or would anyone care to share their thoughts?