Yammer vs Office 365 Network?

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Our company has embraced Office 365 within the last year.  We've moved our intranet to SharePoint online and are now beginning to encourage the use of #Yammer.  (p.s. We've turned off Office 365 Groups due to lack of governance.)  Now comes the announcement of the new Office 365 Network for social.


Is this another on the growing list of tiles in the app launcher?  Will there be a forced transition from Yammer to the Office 365 Network?  Will we log in one day and suddenly be in the O365 #network and no longer in Yammer?


As the person in my company that is pushing Office 365, I'm just wondering how much I should push Yammer vs wait for the launch of our Office 365 Network.  Is there are road map for the transition (if there will be a transition)?

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The Office 365 Network is not a new product from Microsoft.  It is a community of IT professionals and Microsoft product managers & experts which has existed for several years.  This community has used Yammer as the technology to collaborate, and moving forward they will use this site instead of Yammer, so that more people can participate.  Yammer is still the best tool to use for enterprises, but for content which is intended to be consumed by millions of people, it was felt a different tool was better suited.


I encourage you to continue to develop a Yammer-based community in your corporate enterprise.  There's no better tool to do so.

Thanks for the clarification!

Like the Community before it, these should just have been merged with the Answers forums. If the reason was for wider exposure why not just go there and not even have these forums. Seems like senseless duplication.

Excellent writeup of Yammer and the new Office 365 network [preview] by Naomi Moneypenny:

Agree that the name of this community is confusing. This is an opportunity for MS to make it more clear, especially if people are going to discover it through web searches.

Great feedback Diane. Yes, we plan to change the name of this community to fit the wide breadth of conversations happening here. We will let you know when we have more information to share. For now it's still the Office 365 Network Preview. 


What will stop this from becoming a general free for all (thus driving the IT professionals elsewhere) is a commitment from the Microsoft team for robust moderation.  They're fully aware that if this becomes a general break-fix focused forum that it'll cease to be a community of IT pros so they've stated repeatedly that they're going to moderate that sort of content out of this network into one more appropriate. 


They want this network to be unique, in discussing strategic and tactical challenges to successful implementation. I'm paraphrasing, but that's my impression.