Yammer Topics - not working for Files, Notes, Images, Videos Tabs


Hi all,


I just noticed that Yammer Topics are not functioning properly anymore. The only tab which works on a Topic page is "Conversations", but when you click on the tabs for Files, Images or Videos for filtering purposes, you're redirected to the Network homepage. The Notes tab redirects you to the Notes section of the All Company feed. I've tested this on corporate and external Networks and have the same issue with both. 


Given that Yammer still does not offer a folder feature to organize files, we have been promoting the Topic feature as a workaround. Is anyone else experiencing this in their networks? Can someone from Microsoft chime in to confirm if this is indeed a bug?


Thank you!

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I am not seeing all of that in my network, the topics work the way I would expect and the tabs are all working with the exception of the "notes" one that takes me (as you say) to the all company notes (even when there are notes on the topic tags I chose). You might try changing browsers and seeing if there's still an error. Or wait a couple of days and see if it gets resolved. If you keep experiencing it, you could consider submitting a bug to Microsoft support to see if they can help resolve it.

Thank you Amy. It's been an ongoing issue with multiple browsers and sessions. I'll submit to MS as a bug. 

Can confirm that we are seeing it too, all browsers, all of our users (well all the ones I've collared to test in any case) ... so have raised Support Call with Microsoft - 617020392938150 - this is quite serious for us as we use the tagging of files extensively to help users see groups of files easily.


Wonder if it is related to this: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams/Files-Notes-and-other-tabs-not-working-when-a...

Thank you for confirming, John. I haven't been able to find anyone in my organization yet who is experiencing the same issue. Do keep us posted on response from MS, and I will as well. 

Update: Support asked me to run the PSR tool to capture screenshots of the failure, which I did and sent via email. No update since then, but I notice in the Office 365 Admin Portal the service request title has been prepended with "Bug # SUPENG 9557 | WOSEE |EMEA|", which suggests it may be a recognised bug.

We are getting reports from different users that they are having problems with topic links. Very disconcerting to us as we really rely on topics to help us organize and share information. We have a ticket with Microsoft...will hopefully get resolved soon.

Update2: email from MS Customer Support stating:

"... we have forwarded your issue to our internal team and they are working on it to find a potential solution.

As this is a major effect on the GUI of yammer this might take a bit longer to resolve. I request you to please bear with us till then."


Hi everyone, looks like this issue has been resolved - at least from what I can see. Any updates from your end?

This is not fixed for me. I am still experiencing the issue.

Not fixed for us either. Microsoft support continues to be in touch with us, but this is a major issue for us that I am hoping we get resolved soon.

This is resolved for us with the exception of notes. The topics work for files, videos and images - but not notes. They're working on it and I've heard good news may be just around the corner.

Yes, it has been resolved for us too. Do you think this will happen for Notes? Isn't Notes going away, eventually, in favor of One Note in an O365 connected group?
From what I heard from the support team - it will be resolved. Can't say for sure until I see it. :)

I heard from Microsoft that topic tags in Yammer will NOT be fixed for notes. The bug has been fixed for images and videos and conversations, but not notes.

Reason: The Yammer team’s roadmap for future enhancement includes further integration of Microsoft Office capabilities with Yammer.  As a part of this effort, the Product Group is intending to replace Yammer Notes with OneNote in the future.  After evaluating the Notes redirect issue to see what it’d take to fix it, the engineers have made the decision to remove the Notes tab from the topic page in order to prevent any future confusion.

This is interesting, Amy. Thanks for sharing. I guess the next logical question would be (and I'm afraid I think I know the answer), will there be any topic functionality appear in OneNote?

I can't imagine how that might be done, but since topics will no longer be used in notes, wondering if they can find a way to connect all this great new O365 functionality to existing Yammer group content through topics.