Yammer Topic tagging deletion by any member

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To my surprise, anyone can remove the tags that I add to the content that I push. I added a tag "Best Practices" against an post and I could see that any other user(non-admin) can remove my tag on my post and I am not even notified using any notification mechanism. It sounds really strange.

Please share your ideas if this behavior is expected and why.

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There's a whole host of issues around topics, Aseem.


As well as deleting your topics without you being notified, people can anonymously add topics to your thread like #rubbish or worse, and no-one would know who did it, or get notified that they'd done it.


My understanding is that, since very few people use topics (what's the point, anyhow? you don't get notified of new threads if you follow a topic...), the functionality is unlikely to get developed further.

I've never seen anyone remove a topic inappropriately. Adding topics is a good thing. I see people post without an expected topic and someone else will add it and fix that. People will use hashtags in comments and add topics that way. That's a pretty fundamental part of working out loud.

I agree topics would work way better if you got more value from following a topic.

I completely agree from a collaboration standpoint that it makes sense for people to add new tags. The concern i have is that there is a possibility of someone else removing my tags when it is my post.


For example, someone corrects my spelling from Color to Colour, where Color is the name of a company. Value of content is just lost.


It makes sense to provide option to be able to add more content but, in my prsonal opinion,I would prefer to not have ability to remove an existing tag by other than the owner of the post or the one who added the tag.


Please share your thoughts

My honest thought is that it is really, really hard to get people to contribute to an ESN network on a regular basis and it is unlikely that people will spend valuable time removing stuff created by other people. The instinct is to add, not remove.

Can you clarify the point raised in this discussion - is it correct that you don't get notified of a posts / activity that have included a #topic that you follow?

No, you don't get notified. If you use the "Following" feed preference they appear in your feed. That's about it. Much more is needed.

As @Geoffrey Bronner mentions, it's very uncommon for people to remove topics.  Yammer focuses on cultural controls rather than technical ones.  There's no technical way to prevent an abusive or offensive post, but there is a strong cultural control (people will read it and take action to correct).  People use Yammer to collaborate, not wreak havoc.  Those who work counter to that are usually identified and removed from the enterprise.


A major point of Yammer is to empower those outside of the management structure to communicate more effectively throughout the organization.  In my mind, the only people incentivized to tear down a working Yammer network are members of that management structure.  :)