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Hello All,

My company is using yammer for community engagement. Wanted to ask of there were some best practices around the issues mentioned below.


Search engine:

  • We have difficulty in searching posted content, be it either per the person who posted or a specific community or #s. Whenever searching, Yammer brings all content together, not even organized chronologically.
  • You need to scroll in a specific Community when searching something. It either shows pinned conversations or announcements but not all the content chronologically shared. This last category is omitted but appears in ALL CONVERSATIONS. However, this generates chaos… and discourages the user to keep on looking
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Within a community the posts are arranged (after pinned conversations) based on the date of the last reply in the thread. So, it is Chronologically - by the last reply not the first one.

If you go into a Community, the default search scope is to search only within that one community. You can further refine by date. But certainly there is a limted set of controls/filters/sorting options.